100 things i am thankful for.

I was inspired and motivated by Paul Sohn’s article, counting my blessings and i began to meditate on the things i am thankful for in my life. The exercise was really tasking,as in having to really sit back and THINK about so many things. it goes to buttress the african adage,” whoever knows how to think well, will know how to thank well. The process of thorough thinking is not a joke, but the thoroughness and benefit afterwards is undeniable. so here are few things i am thankful for. They are not in any order importance its just how  it all flowed to me. I hope this will inspire you as well.tmp_IMG_20141203_064637_1765566088

1.Parents- My dad taught me the value of being a reader at a very young age,with Dale Carnegie’s Power of Positive thinking. my mum forever my intercessor who loved and prayed me through difficulties up to this point.

2.Husband-The best gift God ever gave,after the gift of salvation.My one and only love for life..ADEORIMI.

3.Children-my wonderful wonders of God,who always brings the mother in me. never knew i could handle the call of motherhood,but God is helping one day at a time.

4.Work-Doing the work of life- Sing it,Say it,Write it

5.Shelter& food- To live comfortably and eat whatever i choose.

6.Salvation-The joy of redemption through the sacrifice on calvary.

7.Purpose-To be able to discover and discern my calling in life, and the grace to pursue it against all odds.

8.Desire- God has given me the live for HIM and the desire to propel others to live for HIM as well.

9.Homestay family-Ayotunde Adeusi and Olufunmi Olajoyegbe..these women help shaped me with regards to raising a family and running ministry at same time.

10.Resources-Though not born with a silver spoon,i was brought up to be content in every circumstances and also to manage best the little given.

11.Friends-People who have made great impact from childhood till date.

12.RHEMA CHAPEL ADO-EKITI.The place of my formative yearsof divine assignment and calling.

13.TRIUMPHANT FAMILY CHOIR-The springboard for expression in ministry back in the school days. i will never forget this family.

14.PASTORS-My Father in Lord,who taught me practical and responsible christianity.Dr.I.S James.

15.ROSE OF SHARON DRAMA GROUP-learnt how to be actor, even though most of my acting scenes was singing.

16.KINGDOM MINDED CATALYST.- Seye Oyetade,Rotimi Ale,Gboyega Adegoroye(late).radical christians who challenge my christianity on campus.

17.ADVERSITY- Grateful for the pain and struggles of battling longterm ailment in my university days.

18.MIRACLE-Healing miracle experienced while on campus.

19.LEARNING-The ability to continually grow and learn to live a life of impact impart and influence.

20.HEALTH-The ability to live life and enjoy it without any form of physical limitations.

21.MENTORS-Learning from Heroes and giants who have gone ahead to live significant life of Impact- Yolanda Adams,Shirley Ceasar,John Maxwell,Myles Munroe..and Life coaches,Rev.Sam Adeyemi,Segun fagboyegun.(The list is very long).

22.DAYSTAR LEADERSHIP ACADEMY- To be a part of this phenomenal academy in 2013 was the beginning of my next level of HIGHER IMPACT.it was indeed a september to remember in 2013.

23.WRITING-The ability to articulate my thoughts and insights my books(published and unpublished), and now through my blog

24.ANEVENINGWITHOBA&FRIENDS-To able to have  a platform for expression on  a regular basis.

25.BIBLE-The greatest book of GOD that has made the greatest impact in my life and is still making a world of difference to me.

26.SCHOOL-To study,to learn to love and build relationships of lasting impact till date.

27.PAIN- To understand what it means to go through trials and tribulations, and to embrace the beauty of the furnace afterwards.

28.SOCIAL MEDIA- To be able to use facebook ,Linkedin etc to create rich and mutually supporting relationship with like minds all over the global village.

29.CHURCH-To be a part of the universal church and my local assembly.

30.MY ROOT-celebrating EKITIKETE!

31.UNITED KINGDOM-The opportunity to reconnect with longtime friends, Folashade Ogunremi,Dean achom among others.

32.GOOD HABITS-Learning the art if cultivating the right habits and the right attitude to life……still learning though 🙂

33.AUDIO MESSAGES-Audio messages that have influenced my life.

34.DIVERSITY-Appreciating different perspectives of life.

35.CHRISTIAN MUSIC- The ability to have been influenced and inspired by anointed musicians all over the world.

36. MY PAST.

.37  .CATALYST CONFERENCE- To have attended one of the most influencial christian conferences and be inspired yby kingdom minded catalyst like Tom Hess, Jonathan Cahn,Heidi Baker and Myles Munroe.

38.NESBURG SCHOOL OF BUSINESS&MANAGEMENT.To be able to study at one of the top business school around surrounded bysmart students of varying diversities.


40.EXODUS 34:10.

41.GOOD VISION-The ability for clear eyesight


43.OBA&THEPRIESTLYKINGS-These great family who have help me to grow musically and with whom  i have been able to fulfil the “sing it” part of my calling

44.COLLEAGUES:Those i have been able to share platforms with,worked with.great minds in the music ministry.OLUFUNMI,WALE ADENUGA,NATHANIEL BASSEY,SARAH THOMPSON,MODELE.PITA etc.

45.HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS.Mrs Nwankwo,my english teacher. Miss kemi Bright and Mr Olorunfemi.for their constant encouragement to be the best i can be.

46.LOVE.To love and to know i am loved.

47.TY FATUNGASE- A real and authentic man in GOD.An unwavering supporter of OBA&THE PRIESTLYKINGS.

48.MY MOTHER IN LAW-A rare mother in law.

49.FAMILY- The beauty of family members nuclear and extended.

50.WEAKNESSES-To know that  i am not perfect and accept my vulnerabilities….I am still  a “work in progress”.

51.HAIR-Though i am not my hair,my afro speaks volume. 🙂

52.WATER-To be able to drink cleanwater whenever i want

53.POMEGRANATE- Tasty fruity juice i relish.

54.JOF NIG LIMITED-To be a part of a corporation whose foundation is CHRIST,been given the opportunity to worship GOD corporately.

55.SHOES-The ability to wear those heely stilletoes  and really be fabulous. 🙂

56.AYOTOLA JAGUN-My Sister and friend,to be able to be a part of her life.

57.GAP MINISTRIES-for being instrumental to my next level of grace and expressions in GOD.for teaching simplicity with their lifestyle.

58.MOVIES-For helping me to relax,unwind and be inspired.


60.TAYO ODUMOSU- Friend indeed always looking out for my house.

61.BEING ABLE TO LAUGH- To find many things i can smile and laugh about.

62.MONAMATTHEWS-For being instrumental to the advancement of my music outreach.my Bogobiri mummy.

63.Bogobiri- The first place where “AneveningwithOBA&Friends began.

64.Bad Habit- knowing i have areas to improve.

65.Library-The ability to own and keep a library of my own…i probably have more books than clothes now.

66.Prayer- The opportunity to pray for others and to know that i am being prayed for as well.

67.Mentees-To cultivate the next generation of transformational leaders and also to learn from them.

68.Werewere-  To be the vessel through which this great song was birthed and expressed on this side of eternity. and to here of its impact on other people.

69. Albums- “simply divine,”Akoda and many more to come. it such an honor to be the vehicle of change through music.

70.Adewale S. Adeyemi- a strong pillar of love,support and encouragement. so blessed to be the woman chosen to walk this path of life with you my darling husband.

71.Caesarian section- The experience being  a mother through this process.

72. EXCEL 2014

73. Sea of Tiberias- The experience of the boat ride-  unforgetable.

74. Jerusalem- 12 days in the city of Jerusalem-

75.Psalm72-  finding my destiny in scripture.

76. Blue sky

77.Making a divine statement with an african signature

78.Core values- helping me to discern right decisions in life.
79. Delay

80.Being 42 and loving every bit aging gracefully.

81.Being petite- great things comein cute packages.


83.Thank you- to be able to say thank you at every given opportunity and appreciate those who say thank you.

84. John C Maxwell- for his leadership influence.

85.Chukwuka Monye- my brother from another mother

86. Sleep- The ability to sleep soundly.

87.First book i published-  Tha trials of faith written in one month to celebrate my fortieth birthday…and the testimony of how it has inspired lives.

88.Hadassah healing foundation- for the opportunity to serve God and humanity alongside other women.

89.Wailing women worldwide-  to be able to meet great women intercessors. I salute these Deborahs of our days.


91.Online studies

92.Journals,Patchbooks,diaries- To be able to articulate my thoughts, ideas,dreams over the years and watch how they unfold right before my eyes.

93.SACP-Sam Adeyemi Coaching Programme-  This life changing programme, the daily email has been of tremendous blessing.

94.Missions-  To be able to share and care for communal good.

95.Joyce Meyer- learning to know GOD more through her book,”knowing God intimately!.

96.Audio messages

97.My Guitar- been able to write beautiful songs on my guitar.

98.Tailoring- to have learnt a vocation along the line.

99.Today- a new dawn with great opportunities.

100.Being able to write this list of 100 things and to that i have been truly blessed.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. aojagun says:

    Wow OBA, this is a lot of reasons to be thankful, both big and small. I am thankful for you also!


  2. Abel says:

    this are big reason to thank papa God ……. Wish u all the best


  3. Thanks love for writing this, really blessed Me!


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