RUN BABY RUN…Pursuing your life’s purpose.

Every man woman boy or girl old or young on this side of eternity present has been designed by God to fulfil purpose in one form or another, and that can be proven from the beginning of beginnings, Genesis, where the whole dynamics of creation was set in motion.

He gave man authority and dominion to influence the earth realm.God imputed to every man from Adam, the capacity to become his very best but the manifestation didn’t come overnight.There is a process to becoming!

This week I will like to focus my discuss from an old film I watched many years back, now I am not quite sure it was a movie or  the title of a song way back then. well, in any case,  I loved the slogan and did use it in my first book. I will like to use it again to drive home some thoughts running in my head.

As a teenager, In my school days, I remember I was very energetic and athletic, I still have some of that high energy even now in my mid 40’s .For quite a while I was in the top rank of the track and field competition for the school, the school’s inter-house sport was one of my favourite events,something I always looked forward to.

There was this particular year we had our school inter-house sport.

The event is still  very fresh in my memories because of the circumstances that surrounded it. before the D-day of the sporting event, a lot of preparations had gone underway both on the part of the coordinators and all the students involved in the various  sporting categories.

Firstly, before any major inter-house sport takes place, the teachers take the time to find out who is best at doing what game, they take the time to spot out the students with potentials in various sporting categories. it was at that time that I was discovered, among a few of my class- mates, afterwards, we all started practicing during the physical education periods(P.E), anyone who wants to breast the tape at the end of each track event, like me knows that’s the time to take practice / training seriously. The same principle holds for life and the fulfilment of purpose.

Back to my story, so the day of the inter-house sport came and everyone was ready, well I knew I was, the 100 Metre and the 4×400 Metre were my favourite categories.On this particular occasion, I was to take the last lap of the 4×400.  “on your marks, get set…..and there goes the whistle, from the athlete in the first lap representing my team, and the rest of the runners, the race began and there was loud cheering from the crowd.

It was  a combination of shouts of encouragement and bullying, fear and doubts all mixed together, every one of the athletes  was running as they should, in the midst of the shouting and then here comes the last lap, where I was positioned to hit the home run.



There I was, steady and ready to collect the baton and finish the last and final lap, as the smallest among my other peers, it was as if all eyes were on me.

Here comes the baton, and  like a bolt out of the blues, off I went not minding who was next to me, the agitations of the crowd grew louder, and it seems as if everywhere was in an uproar, it was becoming a distraction, but we all kept on, in the midst of the crazy uproar from spectators.

My coordinator always told us at every training to always keep the focus on the finish line, and that was all I was hearing in my head as I kept on running, some few yards to the finish line, some of the other runners fell,it was just me and about three or four others on the race track,( so I saw after the race was over), and tiny little me was in the lead.

The intensity of the crowd grew wild, seeing a petite little girl ahead of other lanky girls. and as I breast the tape, everybody shouted and screamed, so much excitement from our team all of a sudden, the wall from one section of the school building on which some students sat, came crumbling down!!!.

Nobody was injured, to say the least, but the news of that inter-house sport was around for quite a while. many years after, I still recapture the memory and found that there are great life lessons to glean from it.

We are all in the race of life and we all find ourselves, at one point or another where we like to back out or back down. There are few principles that I will share in this story.

DISCOVERY: The capacity to become! has been imputed in every one of us before time began,  as we each grow we find that those innate capacities begin to show, the more attention we pay to those innate abilities the better we are for it, I discovered that I could sprint very well with the help of my physical education instructors, sometimes you can discover it by yourself, or other people can just spot it out, whichever way, Purpose must first be discovered.

DEVELOP: When you find out your purpose or abilities, talents, gifts, you need to refine it, and I must say that refining or developing  your talent is not a “one-off thing” it is something that is a lifetime thing.

Development is a continuous journey of life. you can’t stop at one point and believe you have a mastery of your skills ,NO!.Remember the famous slogan,” the day you stop learning, you start dying”.

DISCIPLINE: Discipline takes the deliberate decision- Think about that for a moment .one of the writers of the new testament, Paul wrote in one of his letters to the people in Corinth, talking about the need for self-discipline.He emphasised in his writing that everyone who runs in a race do so, to obtain a “Prize”.

For your to obtain the prize, there is the need for strict discipline because that is what will deliver the prize at the end of the day. Diligent discipline delivers the reward!  read 1cor 9:24-27.

DETERMINATION: Make up your mind that you will use your abilities, skills for the supreme good of all. It is Important to know that whatever you have been endowed with as skills and abilities is not just for your use alone, but for the benefit of people around you. your circle of influence and as you give yourself in the place of developing and discipline, a time will come when there will be a demand for your skills.

DEMAND: Jesus was talking to his disciples in John 12:23,“…..unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed, but if “DIES” ( emphasis mine), it produces many. “DIES” willingness to go through the discipline required, the willing to sacrifice, burn late night candles.

The willingness to go through the rigours and the challenges that life may throw at you, remember the crowd in my story, some cheer you, some will pull you down, the willingness to stay focus will eventually bring about the demand for your expertise ,one day and as demands meet supply, the cycle continues and there is multiplication.

DIVIDEND: I looked at the word “dividend” and thought it appropriate to drive home my last point on this discuss. The word dividend also means profit, to use it in sports language will mean trophy, the reward for breasting the tape at the finish line.

Apostle Paul says it this way, fighting the good fight, getting to the finish line because that where true success lies. success is discovering why you were born and completing and or fulfilling  that why in the space of time.

Let us, therefore, run with perseverance, diligent, discipline, determination, the race marked out for us…….RUN BABY RUN!

Keep the Focus in view!


OBA 2014@Thekingsoracle. all rights reserved.

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  1. Girl, you can write it! Well enunciated story. I saw you dashing off in my mind and yes the dividend of a race well run is quite rewarding. Great article.

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    1. kingsoracle says:

      😀 😀 Aunty Jacqueline oo . Thank you so so much. I appreciate that a lot.


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Reblogged this on The king'soracle. and commented:

    One of my first post from the archives, still very apt . Run Baby Run,with every fibre in you, the race that is set before you.


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