APPRAISE YOURSELF-12 reflective questions to help review the past year.

Its about a few hours to another new year,it is about this time, when the year is ending,everyone is preparing for incoming  year. A lot of us have so many things we want to do,and things we want to do-away with,in the new year etc. we all come up with one form of resolutions or another,with so much excitement about it. Suddenly somewhere along the line we lose the zest and excitement to continue the resolutions.In other to plan for the new year,i believe it is important to review and reflect on the year that is about to end and see how you and i have faired in 2014.

An end of the year review is a great exercise that we all need to do.( It is not just meant for companies or businesses alone),as individuals we need to review and reflect to be able to live purposeful and intentional lives.

Earlier this month a question was post to me; what will you do differently in 2015? this question got me thinking and i began to appraise myself on paper as far as the year 2014 was concerned. it was the appraisals,reviews and reflections that gave birth to the following line of thoughts and questions that i believe will help you to see how you did in the old year so as to accurately project and set specific goals for the new year.Based on my personal assessment and review,here are a few questions i believe will also help you to do some reflective exercise.

1.Which area(s) did you thrive in the course of life?

2.Which area(s) did you struggle with?

3.Where and how did God work in your life this year?

4.If you were to describe 2014 in a few words,lets say 4 words,what would they be? 5.What was your most common physical,mental and spiritual state this year e.g (strong,weak,curious,excited,stressed).

6.What was your biggest time waster this year?

7.What were the 2 or 3 books that had the greatest influence on you this year?

8.What topical issue did you enjoy learning about this year?

9.How did your life impact the people closest to you in 2014? family,friends,community. 10.If someone was to write a book about your life this year,what kind of book would it be?

11. Who or what are you most thankful for this year?

12.What was the most important lesson you learned in 2014?.

 As you take some minutes to do this reflective exercise in the few hours left of 2014, you will be able to see those areas where you’ve accomplished somethings,celebrate your accomplishments,you will find areas where you have progressed,and areas where you failed as well,dont get beat up about it, it is for you to aim at getting better.Remember that it can only get better,if you intentionally put effort.

The way of the right-living people glow with light,the longer they live,the brighter they shine. Pro 4:18(MSG).

Here is to a great 2015 of accomplishment,advancement!


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  1. adubi says:

    God bless you.May you finish strong in Jesus name.Amen.


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