Feeding on Feedback:The blessedness of giving and receiving Feedback

Hello People, Long time no hear! I have been on a very long sabbatical on this platform in a bit to find out what i really want to achieve with having my own blog. That Sabbatical or absence from this arm of Social media as been a blessing in disguise…..now i am sure of what i really want!  I want to lend my voice to many out there like me who wants more from life. Like i said the absence from my blogging platform and many other areas has opened me up to the Journey of Re -discovery.

I have just embarked on the journey of INTENTIONAL Growth, note the emphasis on the word (INTENTIONAL), that is not to say that i have not been growing(maybe i was not !) but this time every effort to progress is with the intention to see Results….I remember the first day in Class with my Coach,The discussion was centred around CLARITY. I also remember my Coach saying something about one been aware of oneself(SELF-AWARENESS) before the process of CLARITY can begin… That class was the beginning of Discomfort for me,because it seemed as if i was not fully aware of who i am,so i purposed that i will do all that is necessary for me to be fully aware of me.

Let me state here that the road to personal development and growth begins with Self -awareness.Awareness of your thoughts,actions,feelings,behavior,environment etc. One way to increase self awareness is from receiving Constructive feedback from others on how your behavior,actions, or thoughts are being perceived, I will like to share a few of thoughts on subject, FEEDBACK!!.

OK so in the process of my Self awareness exercise, i decided to ask a number of People  what they perceived of me as a person especially with reference to my work (Musician),at first i was afraid whether or not people will respond,what will they say?, will i be able to accept their response even if it is not so palatable?I had excuses,but like i have also learn to,”Just do it”, do it afraid,do it unsure, whatever,however, just take ACTION! So i took the bull by horn,and sent out the questionaire. at first just a handful response came in, and that thought of “i told you it won’t work,crept in,i wanted to bulge but once again i told myself,”we are going all the way to get result.

Before long,I got more feedback from different angles,Families,Friends,Fans. In three-four days I got some more and there were some of the feedbacks that was much more same from different people.The most amazing response that knocked me off my feet,was the one I got from my nine year old boy, We were both trying to sort out their laundry for the weekend,and we started talking,Mother and Child chitchat from one topic to another,Then I asked him,” Who is OBA ? describe OBA in one word? I honestly,must confess that i did not expect what i heard, OMG! From a 9yr old, such depth of insight was just way off for me. That young boy summed up every other thing other people said…and much more to even pointing out some “not too nice behaviour of mummy,”!

If I knew the result from a those two simple question would be  of tremendous help to my personal growth,maybe I would have done it way back,but then I am glad that I took the steps and much more excited to share the lessons learnt with you.

1.FEEDBACK gives us the opportunity to use the information towards our personal growth,Sometimes ,we can be blind or shortsighted to our own strength,weakness or even abilities. By collecting feedback it helps us build a picture of greater capacity we can become and also  motivates us to make amendment in areas necessary, one of the things my son said to me was about my Anger temper,and i told myself i will start working on it,God help me!

2.FEEDBACK also help to improve performance,it gives the person receiving the feedback the opprtunity to understand and consider another perspective or viewpoint,Thus decideding to act on it,help improvement  in that particular area of focus.

3.FEEDBACK helps boost morale and also motivates, note that as there is positive feedback there is also negative feedback,the bottom line is what we choose to do with the feedback, a negative feedback can motivate you to become a better person,by how you handle it…and vise versa.

I know that with that Single exercise I am on the way to becoming a better ME. You too can learn more,and be more aware of yourself to grow more.Will you try the exercise today? I promise it will be worth your while!!

Go ahead and get some feedback

To your success



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