Distorted Vision,Restricted Movement.

IMG-20150810-WA0004Every man was born with the potential to live an extraordinary life. That life can only be realised when you become clear about what your life’s vision is all about. when you become aware of God’s purpose and vision for your life,then and only then,will you begin to experience CHANGE. 

Why am I not living the extraordinary life? Do  I really know my life’s purpose? Is there a vision for my life? These could some of the questions you have been asking yourself. In as much as I do not consider myself as one who knows all the answers,I have found myself asking these same questions over and over again. In the quest to know exactly why I was placed on this side of eternity, I have discovered that there are so many reasons, but I am going to emphasis on one or two with this post.

Many times in the journey of life and fulfillment of purpose, we are faced with distractions which tend to hold us  as”Hostages”. These distractions happen when one is not clear about what to do with life. Here is a  little story to illustrate my point;

The class is in session,and here I am,in the midst of professionals,Ceo,and business owners.I knew it was going to be an exciting session.knowing I was not only one in this quest for change. We introduced ourselves and then the teacher,handed each one of us a pair of medicated glasses and told us to put them on. My reaction was,“put them on?”,I have never worn a medicated glasses in my life.I became a little apprehensive, but since it was an Instruction given by the “Teacher”.

Now with the glasses on, other class members did likewise,then the teacher gave the next instruction,”walk around the class and then walk back to your seats. By this time I became agitated and more anxious,because I couldn’t see clearly,having taken a few steps I felt like falling ,I was not balanced,I was uncomfortable as if that was not enough, I began to feel a straining in my eyes.I was not the only one in this predicament,all the others felt the same thing.At this point, we all managed to get back to our seats,removed the glasses,then the teacher told us that what just happened was called,“The vision experiment”.

The objective of the exercise was to point out to everyone in that class,the need for clarity.One after the other,The teacher asked that we share our experience with the “vision experiment”.Each of us had a similar experience, from the feeling of apprehension,anxiety,frustration, to blurry vision,straining eyes and being unbalanced while walking. What caused all these negative feelings? *The unanimous answer was, “wearing a wrong prescription of glasses”

There and then, I just said,”Distorted vision,restricted movement! It was an “aha moment”,for us in the class. Distorted vision refers to something not appearing straight,but bent,crooked or wavy,just as I experienced in the class with the others. Distortion of vision can herald the loss of vision,and when there is a loss of vision, a movement is restricted.

Take a moment,and apply this same experiment to your life,in which area have you been feeling uncomfortable,apprehensive,or unbalanced in the pursuit of your God- ordained purpose?could it be that you have been wearing the wrong set of glasses? running your life based on someone else’ idea, Family or Society? Is there a mismatch in your calling?why are you feeling lost in that relationship? are you wrongly placed,in your job or career,because you’ve been wearing the vision enhancer for “somebody else? It’s time to get your life back,it time to gain CLARITY in order to live your full potentials here on earth.

The lamp of the body is the eye.Therefore when your eye is good,your whole body also is full of light.But when your eye is bad,your whole body is full of darkness.”-Jesus Christ.

“If you are clear with what you want,the world responds with clarity”-Loretta Staples.

Ophthalmologists will advise that anyone with distorted vision should seek medical attention.If you are experiencing distortion of vision  in your journey of life.I want to encourage you,it is not too late to redirect your steps back to your Creator.God,the one who has the blueprint  for your life.Ask and he will give you the wisdom to lead your life,not according to Society,Status quo,or people’s opinion.But according to his original design for your life.

TIPS FOR GAINING CLARITY: Assume total responsibility for your life’s purpose. Clarity is a decision.To gain clarity for your life:

*Seek God first-He knows you more than you think,and without him, you can do nothing.

*Think about what you want and write them down.”Write the vision.And make it plain on tablets”….Hab2:2.The clearer you are,about what you want,the easier it will be to make it happen.

*Identify action steps,and work them out.

*Gain new perspectives. After discovering that you have been operating with distorted vision,what can you learn from the mistakes and failures? Turn the mistakes to milestones for your maximum potentials.

Singer/Songwriter,Johnny Nash,wrote this song in 1972, “I can see clearly now,the rain is gone….. It’s time for you to step into that level of maximum impact and influence with CLARITY OF PURPOSE,in every area of your life. 

To your success!


OBA2015@Thekingsoracle. All rights reserved.

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  1. doctorkenny says:

    Hmmn.deep words.so blessed


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks doctorkenny.


  2. Omobolaji says:

    Hmmmm! Flesh couldn’t have revealed this! God bless you for sharing; you’re a blessing.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Omobolaji. I am delighted that you have been blessed one way or another. You are a great blessing too.


  3. Nnenna says:

    This write up is definitely a life lifter. Well done Oba!

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  4. kingsoracle says:

    Reblogged this on The king'soracle. and commented:

    I just needed to revisit this post from my archive. Very apt for the moment in time.


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