Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams.

If we did all the things we are capable of doing ,we will literally astound ourselves-Thomas A.Edison

I am celebrating a milestone with this post because I have been able to stay true to writing an article per week against all odds. At first It felt like an impossible mission.(I think that was why I quit in the first instance).Now it is a different story. why? because I am learning not to abandon my dreams and passion for any reason.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt there was more to this life than what is in front of you? Have you ever felt that you have the capacity to do more than you are doing now? And just seem as if you could’nt find a headway? No path in front of you and no roadmap. I have been there and I tell you,This is the point where true faith begins.IMG_20150820_230604

In the greater part of my growing years,I have been known for the ‘SING IT’ aspect of my divine assignment-Music.As an award-wining recording artiste I have been privy to stand on various platforms locally and Internationally,I have also had the privilege of meeting people,forming new relationships.It is really fulfilling,it does not go without saying that this comes with share of Challenges.God’s grace is ever sufficient.

Is there a problem?Yes there is- Somehow I have never been satisfied.I have always felt I could do more than just make music because I know I have been blessed beyond the music people have come to know me for. As long as I can remember ,I have been writing,not just writing songs,but many other things-poems,quotes,essays.Let me add here that my life’s mission is summed up in these categories,(Sing it,Say it,Write it). The wise King Solomon said,

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:

For a very long time now I thought that the other areas of my passion will never materialise  because I felt that the “other” talents will be neglected.This dilemma is common among people who are multitalented and versatile in which you know you are capable of many things and even when you try your hands on them,you find out that you excel.The challenge now becomes: What is it I really want to do? Which one of these many talents should I focus on.I think our life is here for us to try something.I am put in this situation of being a Singer, Writer(I think i can call myself ), and a Speaker (Hopefully someday soon). All of this related together to awaken other people’s creativity.

One of the difficulties of dreamers is the fear that the dream will never happen.That’s a lie! Your dreams will come true,no matter how long it takes. While you are still on the journey,know that everything is working out for your good,because I am well aware that all creative people have multiple talents and they struggle most of time with when and how the talents will be expressed,No matter where you are now,or what you are doing.Let me assure you that no experience is wasted and that every experience in your life is hear to teach you something so you can teach others along the way.

David,who later became king of Israel in the bible days,was a shepherd boy at a tendar age,as time unfolded to him in his journey all other talents found expressions,  he went from being a Shepherd to a Fighter,Musician and then became King.There is something worthy of note here-Some gifts manifest in little situations which test us to let us know if we are ready for the big stage.As a little shepherd boy,David had to protect his father’s flock from deadly Animals.The experience with Bears and Lions prepared him to face the Giant! thus translating him from the shepherd boy to the enviable fighter and ultimately to Kingship.

I have come to realize that the way you deal with that”little gifts” determines how far you will progress . How are you using your little talent?Do you see a larger picture? Gone are the days of Jack of all trades and master of none.God has deposited virtues,abilities, and talents in all of us to maximize and help others with.You can be a jack of all trades and still be master at each one per time as David was because there is no limitation to what you can become provided you apply yourself.

Remember the parable of talents,the more you put to use your gifts,the better you become at it,and the more  other related talents will begin to find expression in you with time. Dont give up on your dreams.Do things,paint,write,sing,dance,talk,take a course,whatever it is, express yourself and make life possible for others around you.

You are a manager of the gifts God has given to you,they may be great or small in your eyes,but for God to give them to you simply means they matter to God. I encourage you to follow every dream in your heart,whether single talent or multiples talents,  go for it,Because you have the capacities to be everything God has designed you to be.



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  1. Olabisi says:

    Well said sister!


  2. Great message on dreams. The world needs us to use the talents and gifts God has so generously given.


  3. I certainly needed to read this. Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. kingsoracle says:

    You are most welcome. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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