Retrospectively Funny.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

Today’s prompt brought memories  of my Secondary School days. I was very athletic(A sprinter) back then and  loved hanging out with the boys than the girls. Guess that’s why they used to call me a “Tom-boy” back in the days.

On this particular day in School,some of the boys decided they were playing  stunt by jumping from the middle of the school building to the ground floor. The School building was a two-storey building,guess who came along ? Me!  what was I thinking then? of course I was’nt  thinking. I wanted to prove “what a boy can do,a girl can do better”.After some of boys had jumped,and everyone was hailing  and clapping for them. I decided to go for it, guess what?  It almost cost me my life.

I didn’t realise that all the boys that did jump had a same strategy and all of them landed on their feet.Silly me :),I just jumped and landed on my butt with a cracking on my neck and speechless for  some milliseconds before I knew what was going on. I was carried into the physic laboratory and was been pulled by the neck,and on my legs as well. All i could mutter out was,”ba be be be.  I almost got my spine broken from that fall.

What was I thinking?What would have happened to me if I had been severely injured? Some of my friends still laugh at me till date anytime we remember the School days, it wasn’t a laughing matter then! but today I laughed at my teenage folly. :).

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