Free, to live in colour!

The difference between religiosity-keeping the rules, being like everyone else,trying very hard to earn God’s love(as if His love to us is based on how hard we try),and a real relationship with God,with one’s self,with others and with God ‘s world is like the difference between merely existing and really living.

How I long to break away from the shackles of Religion and free myself to truly live. …To Live in colours.

These are the words that flowed through me as I thought about freedom and the ideals of men over the intent of God to truly live.


I want to live in colour,let the brightness of life exudes through me.

I want to live in colour ,no rules,no form,no religion.Just be me, Free!

I want to live in colour,not caged to satisfy you. not boxed so I won’t hurt your perceptions, your ideologies. I want to live in colours,not through your eyes my friend,but through His eyes.Yes the eyes of my Father.

The One  who made me,who tenderly and carefully mold me with all the tapestry of intellect,beauty and love. He put in my being the colours of the rainbow.The ingenuity of Uniqueness.To be me, Free!

You were not there,when he began this work of art,you didn’t see the all the combination of traits,virtues,talents,gifts and grace,not forgeting my frailties all put together like recipes for a grand dish,all sauteed and mixed together to make this masterpiece called me.You didn’t see my unformed being in the furnace of the refiner,why do you want to put your identity on me?

Now you want to confine me,imprisoned me with your rules,ideals, regulations,in disguise they are nothing but limitations. I was once in darkness when I didn’t know Him for me.

My life was black and blue because though He was always near, I was afar. Now He’s found me,now I am His. Please let His colour illuminates the world around me through me,because that is what the Father desire.

            For me to shine His light,free to show Him, through me.

You see my old self has been crucified with Christ,it is no longer I who live but He lives in me.I may not be as strong as you think you are,or as holy as you think you are. I may still be struggling with my faith, I may be confused at times. He will guide me.

You are here to help me blossom,to help me shine forth his glory to cheer me on in the race of life and this journey of faith as I cheer you on as well,why do you want to assume lordship over me.

Please free me!

Today,I will not be caged by the traditions of men.The superfluity of nothingness,the hypocrisy of judgement, the emptiness of man’s conformity.

I choose to live for Him,through Him,By Him,In Him. However,whichever way peculiar to me.

Not through you, or for you nor by you. No not you-but Him.

In His eyes,through His eyes, and in His Colour.  Let me live freely.

Free to live in Colour.

Writing 101 day5: FREEDOM


2 Comments Add yours

  1. calmkate says:

    Go girl, free yourself! I rejoice in your strong faith, live in colour


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks calmkate. 🙂


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