My daily dozen!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”

Think about your day. select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us.why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this rituals?what happens you can’t perform it?

My day start at exactly 4:30 am, at the beeping sound of the alarm(sometimes this alarm can be a nuisance :). In any case I always wake up with a song in my heart I have noticed this trend for a long time now,There is always a song of praise welling up in my mind even while asleep and I wake up into reality with the song still  in my heart. I try to stop the alarm and catch a few minutes of sleep,sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. Then I snuggle out of bed into the bathroom and back to bed  for my intimate time with God;Praying and meditation(meditational bible reading). Thanks to John Chisum’s bible reading/studying format that I adopted a while back it has helped me to be able to read the bible(even some boring part with some zests). If by any chance I miss out on this intimate time in the early hours of the morning,I must find a way out to do it before the end of that day.Aside from that,I just into the flow of the day,because each day carries different task that must be done.

Whatever happens on daily basis, first things first for me, will be in these pattern;

Pray,write in my gratitude journal, check my mail (I am always on the look out for daily email from my coach to start of my day),Family matters,eat,audio classes(anthony robbins,steven covey and more),Read a book,Practice on my guitar-sometimes write a new song,research and find something new to learn,and consciously try to make someone else feel good in  anyway I can. If i don’t get to do most of these routines, I feel incomplete!

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