Face your fear-Strength,Courage and Wisdom.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Phobia, Shmobia.” Fear evolves over time, what is one fear you’ve conquered?


Today’s  prompt somewhat interesting and more like a coincidence.I have been drafting something related to this title lately.  That’s story for another post. One of the greatest fear I have ever had was the  fear of the “unknown”. Not been sure of  what tomorrow holds was so much of a dread that I would fret and fret over nothing, lets just say that now I am understanding better, and have  come to terms with the fact that I may not know what tomorrow brings but I know who holds tomorrow-God and my faith and complete trust in Him is all that matters.

I’m still not over the fear of height-That  will take a  big miracle,because everytime I remember the great fall in high school,I still get that cold shiver and sensation in my spine.

The fear of failure? well,I am still a working progress! now I know that failure is a mechanism for success in itself ,it is neither a sin nor a taboo, So i have the permission to keep  Failing…….Forward. I can only succeed at something  if i try and keep trying and keep trying.(it can be frustrating sometimes).

I still feel my heart palpitating anytime I have to step on the microphone to sing/minister. That seems to me like  a “good fear”  to keep me in check andto remind me constantly that I am only a passage way of God’s divine expression,so I don’t get it twisted. :).


And no one takes this honour on himself but he receives it when called by God-Heb 5:4.

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