Home Sweet Home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

Name five things in your house that makes it your home.

Home is a dwelling place used as a permanent or semi permanent residence which provides areas and facilities for sleeping,-That would be the bedrooms, preparing food-kitchen (one of the best part of my home.The sitting room and many more.Home is where we are truly comfortable,loved ,accepted and valued.

Family makes my home,sweet home!

My Husband&Wonderful Boys.

Me&My bae
Me&My bae
The men that makes me look forward to Home.
The men that makes me look forward to Home.

My Home is basically composed of Love and Music in every sense of it.

Not so much of gadgets and all that,except for musical instruments  and loads of books here and there. Having a place to call home is both luxury and necessity. I am thankfulIn this home we do 18x22 quote wall saying vinyl decals-600x600

Our joy and fear are shared together.  We laugh,we play,we cry,we shout,and we do all “Together”. The best part of my Home- Christ is the chief-cornerstone. :).

I didn’t count because everything in my house makes it my home.

Home Sweet Home in response to The Daily post  Writing prompt, “Home Turf”.

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  1. partangel says:

    I really love your quote at the end! I want to find that in a sticky quote and apply it to one of our walls!


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Partangel,that’s a really cool idea. Thanks for stopping by and for reading my post 🙂 .


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