Forgetting Things That Are Behind.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

Write about the one X that got away-A Person,an experience,a place you wanted to visit.How much would you change  about your life to have it within reach again.

The past is in the past,whatever happened back then was for a reason.The best thing is to learn the important lessons and move on. No matter the pain or heartaches, or the success and victories of the past,They are in the past,there is more ahead and it is important to always thrive to move on.

We all get an opportunity to make better choices from the ones we’ve made in the past,in order to ensure that all collective choices in the now gives us a chance for a better tomorrow.

In the words of the Song by Israel Houghton-Moving Forward.

Here is an excerpt:

Not going back,moving ahead

I’m here to declare to you,my past is over

In you all things are made new,surrendered my life to Christ

I’m moving Forward.

Forgeting things that are behind, Move on,Press on to things better.

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