Upon this Height.


       Upon this HEIGHT

I stretch myself  out

Before your holy presence

I here myself present

Baring it out out

My hopes,my dreams,my thoughts ,my fears,my longing,my lust!

Everything uncovered ,naked and  ashamed cause you see it all 😦

You see everything even when I want to hide it all, 

Do you care at all?

I hear you say, “girl I care,much more than your mind can fathom”

Don’t be ashamed I know how you feel .

I will be your covering you wont have to be ashamed again.

You are everywhere, Where else can I hide?

The height of heights,you are there.

In the depth of the valley, oh! There you are

You spread yourself over the entire space of the cosmic

Interfaced within the diverse intrincasies of Humanity.

I belong to you,

You belong to me..

My hiding place …Upon this Heights.


The L-Attitudes: 6 Tips To Be Your Most Admirable.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, says John Maxwell,who is considered as one the 21st century leadership guru.whether you are a fortune 500 ceo,entrepreneur,stay-at-home mum/dad,whoever and whatever you do,you are in a leadership position,because you find one or two people or more looking up to you for directives.

Leadership is about Influence,it is not a function of titles,money,or offices.Attitude reflects leadership.

Leadership is a philosophy ,it is a mindset. We all know it is human nature to always look for role models,someone to emulate. Influence is imminent in the home front,in the church and the society. There are leaders and there are those who are not. What separates a great and admirable leader from the others is the correct attitude of leadership.If you want to become the leader you desire,there are traits and attitudes that you must seek out.



1.Lead with your heart: When you lead with your heart it shows that you care about your circles of influence and you are willing to make changes positively because you care. Positive changes occur when courageous and skillful leaders are committed wholeheartedly.

2.Take meaningful action: As a leader at home or at work or at play,because you care  about others, your passion for the people you are leading will always prompt you to take meaningful action that will be beneficial to the people that are being entrusted to you. You are able to respond to situations not based on your selfish gain but for the general good of others.

3.Release Control: Admirable leaders know that control is not leadership,so if you must be an admirable leader that othes will love to emulate,then you  need to know how to be flexible  and adaptable to situations around you,especially in scenarios where you have to take the back seat as a leader.

4.Humility: Pride goes before a fall they say,and great leaders know this to be a profound truth,they try as much as possible not to toot their horns,admirable leaders work hard in silence,and let their leadership abilities and achievements speak for them,They apologise for their mistakes. You must know the difference between who is right and what is right. This is the hallmark of the humility of admirable leaders.

5. Listening art: To listen is to care,admirable leaders know that the art of and the heart for listening takes any relationship to a greater level because its gives the people the idea you care and are interested in their affairs.Admirable leaders are able to feel the pulse  around them when they pay attention to the people and they know what to expect.

6.Grow new leaders: A school of thought says,There is no success without a successor. If you must be an admirable and outstanding leader the onus is on you to develop other people around you,breed new leaders. Coach others to work on their own potentials and be great leaders who will go farther than you have gone.

What are the other attitude that can make for excellent  and admirable leadership? I would love to read from you.

To your success


If I remove my hand from your life!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.” I thought hard about this prompt and it was difficult to actually figure out .But then the words she said resounded in my mind yet again. “Banke, ti mo ba yowo loro e, ( Banke, if I turn my back on you, you will not […]

How To Position Yourself For Success……Without A Big Break!

Now that seems like a contradictory statement, How can you be successful without a big break? oh puleeze!! isn’t the big break meant to make one successful??

Hi friends,welcome to another exciting Monday,Music and Me. like i said previously this is where I will be sharing some tips on on-stage success and more, as a musician in a journey to purpose and relevance.

True long-lived success only come from your own effort,every creative starts at zero and learn their craft and business(well,I am yet to grasp fully the business side of this creative art I have been blessed with).Every one of us as creative artist struggles to find our voices whether as Christian Artists or otherwise.

As we thrive, to find our voice, we are also saddled with learning how to connect with our audience. The old good book says:

See a man diligent in his work,he shall stand before kings and not mean men”.Pro22:29 .Whether or not you get a “big” break it is important to be diligent,discipline and dedicated to your craft.

Positioning yourself as a musician has nothing to do with “big breaks” , I believe that every opportunity you get as a musician to positively impact and influence your audience and connect with them is always a major break.


So here are some tips to help:

*Focus on doing your work day in, day out: Sharpening your skill and craft on a daily basis  goes a long way to help any musician to be at the cutting edge of their musical career.” continous practice makes perfect”. 🙂

*Treat your creative work, like its your child: We all know how delicate children are,How they need to be nurtured to grow properly,That’s the way we ought to treat our craft with care, nurturing the gifting till they blossom and blossom.

*Stop giving strangers the key to your BMW: 🙂 You’re building a life doing something you love,by all means assemble a team and get help when and where it is necessary,but don’t be anxious to hand over the keys to your future to an agent, manager, publisher or label. It’s not as if you will assume the role of these ones,but it is important for you to know to understand all what building your music career entails,before plunging into that deep sea of agencies,management etc,more often than not they are actually there to use you craft to enrich themselves, its not that care so much about you…really!!

*Build Something no one can take away from: Get all the necessary information,because the use of information transforms your thinking and outlook to your musical career, read books,attend seminars,conferences .Be hungry for wisdom. Also get on other peoples shoulders,those who have achieved what you are aspiring to achieve.

*Know your Industry: Get to know your industry,know the media personnels,connect with folks in your industry who are making things happen for themselves. Sometimes,this might seem a little far-fetched because some of these folks can be a little difficult to reach but there are some who are always ready to lend their 2cents.

Finally on this note, Invest in yourself,believe in yourself,and Take your passion seriously.

Next to the word of God,the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world”-Martin Luther.

To Leave A Legacy.

LEGACY-ICE-srgb-72-webThe first time I read Stephen Covey’s First thing First, It took me a while to understand everything at a go,but as the years went by I began to really understand the need for priority,purpose,and living a life of significance.I even attempted to adopt his mantra: To Live, To Love,To Learn,and to Live a Legacy. 

Talk about the ‘L’ Factor  right? I believe that sums up life’s purposes.The story was told of Alfred Nobel,the man who created the Nobel Peace Prize,which is given every year to those deserving of it.

Alfred Nobel was an Arms manufacturer and an Inventor of dynamite and very wealthy too, But something happened to him,that changed the course of his life forever.He lost his brother. After the loss of his brother, an obituary was ran about Alfred instead of his late brother. In the Obituary,Alfred was described as a merchant of death,who had mde it possible to kill more quickly than anyone could ever do.

When Alfred saw the obituary he became extremely upset and resolve to do something about what was written concerning him. He decided that he would be remembered for something positive-THAT WAS HIS TURNING POINT!.

We may not all be in the kind of situation Alfred Nobel found himself ,before discovering the significance of living life with intentionality and purpose,but one thing’s obvious that we will all in one way or another get to the point of finding significance and leaving legacies for the next generation.

How can you create a legacy that will outlive you.

*Tend to your thoughts-Thoughts have presence. Our lives are created from our thoughts,when we learn to control our thinking we can choose the life we want.

*Examine Yourself-One of the world’s great philosopher,Plato said,”know thyself” when you truly know who you are,through constant self examination, then you find a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.

*Make yourself necessary-I came across a quote or nugget that reads,” work hard until you don’t need an Introduction” . My own Interpretation of this quote is simply becoming relevant in your circle of Influence such that you become a force to reckon with. Your principles and values speaks authenticity.

*Think less about what you can get and more about what you can give- Go the extra mile when you give and your legacy will be great. Give love, Give hope,Give a smile,Give a helping hand.

*Give love and give freely-Take a look around you and be an extension of Hope and Love.Life becomes more meaningful when you are able to give love without condition and you are seen as a loving person you leave a lasting legacy.

*Count your blessings-The heart that is open to thankfulness is usually a meaningful life.A thankful heart is a transformed life.

I will love to hear your opinion too and even add more to the list. 🙂

Here’s to living,loving,learning and leaving a legacy!


Perfect Number7

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.” The number 7 is a number of Totality,Completeness,Perfection.It is one of the Significant number in the Bible. My seven words will be ; Live Every Minute like it’s the Last ! This i believe is explanatory enough. Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand […]