A flangipropped Evening- Short story.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flangiprop!.” Invent a definition for the word Flangiprop and then use it in a post.

Oluwalonimi,walked into the Hallway majestically,with her head held high.” I was born for this, she said to herself as she approached the stage in readiness to do her thang!-Sing.

This evening will be like no other.It had taken her weeks of serious planning,rehearsals and all the necessary things to make this night a success. and the day is here. ain’t no stopping her now she’s on the move.


The other band members are already positioned on the stage,every one in their respective post ready to raise the roof with thiee vocal power and dexterity- Stage is live!. Oluwalonimi was gracefully adorned in a beaded sequined ankara gown,typical of her brand.

Her firm feeted wedges were to die for, she is a statement of simplicity meet style.The lighting gadgets  swing from the rooftop of the stage made a flowing gown come alive as the sequines beads kissed the rays coming from the lightings producing a glittering effect on the on the stage and around the hall,everyone in attendance was in awe .


The show kicked off, and she was,singing every note with so much depth and passion,from one song to another,Oluwalonimi painted a picture of hope,strength,courage and most of all,the love of God to her audience.. that’s a wrap! The evening ended on a beautiful beautiful rthymic note with music in the heart of everyone in that  audience. It was a “Flangipropped evening”.

Flange- A protruding rim,edge,rib or  collar used to strengthen an object to hold it in.

Prop-Position something beneath- something or someone for support.  Each person that made the evening spectacular from the technical,media and all the audience were all “flanges” and “props” for the star of the night. Hence it was a “flangipropped evening”.


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  1. A lovely take on it my songbird 🙂


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Thanks Sis!. 🙂


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