Its my house,and I live here.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Our House.”

Today’s prompt reminded me of a beautiful song I used to love as a young girl growing up in my neighbourhood in mile2 .

It’s my House by Diana Ross.

Those days were the formative years for me. I grew home in a home surrounded by mixtures of experience.Tell me who doesnt?.

There’s a welcome  at the door

And if you come in,you’re gonna get much more-It’s my house,but made home for me and my siblings and many others(aunties,uncles,nieces,nephews).

My Mother,oh great mum. My Jewel of inestimable worth .who sacrificed her convenience to make sure we were all trained up to university level.I remember her always telling us how she desired to really go to school but her brain wont let her. But she gave everything she had,and today all six of us are degree holders in one capacity or another.

My Dad holding my baby brother.1990 or thereabout.
My Dad holding my baby brother.1990 or thereabout.

What about my Dad,deepthinker and great philosopher,the one who taught me the value of reading.

He gave me my first book,The Power of Positive thinking-Dale Carnegie. That was one of the best thing that happened to childhood.

It’s my house and I live here.

There’s a candle to light the stairs( when NEPA refuse to give electrical power supply).

And my dreams await someone to share.O there’s music on the turn-table and my Dad will wake us all up with great vibes from the legends of music of yesteryears.

My Father taught me to love music with thecturn-table.
My Father taught me to love music with the Turn-table.

There’s a lot to write about my  childhood house,My wonderful siblings who are now parents in their own rights and how much we relive the childhood memories with our children when we all go visit  the grannies. It’s still my House and my memories still with me. 🙂 :).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. handikwani02 says:

    A very happy childhood, no wonder you turned out to become the person you are.Thanks to your loving and encouraging parents. Brilliant post.


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Thank you Handikwani02. <3.


  3. Beautiful! Warming! Mama got all her degrees; every single one of them. Well rounded welcoming home.


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