5 Reasons To Carefully Plan Your Show(s).

As a creative and live performing artist,I have learnt over the years that “Stage is Live” and that everything rise and falls on Leadership. As a performer you are a leader and leaders are perpetual learners. 

Every given opportunity avails the artist the chance to influence his /her audience.One of the dreams we have as performers is to see our audience drawn into the emotion of a  SONG. They laugh with us ,they cry with us,they are propelled into the essence of the message we are trying to convey through our music,songs.

It is even more important as a Christian Artist,because the primary focus of the performing artist is not to glorify him/herself but to exalt the Almighty God.To this end,It become highly essential to know that what God expects from you is 100% excellent in all aspect of your performance.

I am privilege to host a regular Christian Jazz/Soul lounge over the years and there had been instances  where I really messed up because of lack of proper preparation and planning,but I learn from those mistakes and I am still learning. For those of us who are Kingdom Creative Arts,we know that our audience are not just there because of our skills and vocal dexterity alone,but to also have an encounter with the Lord of the gift we carry,because we are God’s extension through the gifts e as bestowed on us. Heb 5:4.

The First place where planning begins is the REHEARSAL. It is very vital to  give yourself direction as to how your rehearsals will go.Your Performance will be succesfully done when you;

  1. PLAN YOUR SONGS: It is important to note that all your songs don’t sound or feel the same,though there might be similarities. It is therefore expedient to determine how you want the songs to be played having in mind all the vocal details and the Instruments as well.
  2. PLAN YOUR SET LIST: It’s always great to have an Idea of the sequence of the song flow before the Performance,For someone like me, things change at the “spur of the moment”  based on how the environment or the audience. More so allowing God to do His tweaking at any point in time- Generally giving room for flexibility and spontaneity.

3.GIVE ROOM FOR EXPRESSION: You are not the only one in the team- except you          are a Solo Artist,even at that ,you have people around you who can lend their voice to help you achieve success at all levels of performance, giving order members of the band or team,room to express themselves go a long to that you are not intimidated even,when they have better Ideas(As a leader,you are not always right,neither do you know everything.


When all the above are considered and put in place. You and the rest of the team will have no reason to be nervous or get anxious when you are stage.


Like I said earlier,Planning for your program helps in more ways than you can imagine.

Here are just some of the many benefits;

*It sets direction for your performance.

*It motivates not only you as the leader ,but all the entire team as well.

*It helps overcome Resistance- I mean every form of resistance.

*It brings out your Uniqueness.

*It helps your communication-The essence of any onstage performance is the ability to communicate to your audience and do it with all diligence. I hope these few tips will help in one way or another. 🙂

Sing to Him a new song,play skilfully,and shout for Joy. Psalms 33:3.

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  1. It’s a good thing the way you are keeping your self grounded and not forgetting he who planted the talents in you. Good post my dear.


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Like we say here,”the river wey forget him source, na dry e go dry” The Focus should always be God,sometimes we do get carried away though!.


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