4 Vital Lessons I Learnt Over The Weekend.

This past weekend has been extremely interesting,intensive and fulfilling  (though I feel completely drained physically) I just couldn’t help but to scribble down some things for my “Monday,Music&Me” page.

In case you’re wondering what that means,I intend to post write ups on my music journey every monday,because my weekends are always pack with Music activities from time to time ranging from gigs,seminars,ministrations in churches or conferences.

This weekend was not an exception,from performing at a friend’s dinner party to church performances in a row,I learnt some lessons that I believe are vital principles for peak performances in any chosen field,though I am using the music field for my illustrations.

The Dinner Party gig came at the last minute.I had a prior engagement which was cancelled.I was feeling somewhat uncomfortable as regard the event, so when the arrangement was not going accordingly I opted out because I wasn’t ready to go perform at any function that will cause me to compromise my work ethics and values as Kingdom-oriented Musician (if you know what I mean) :-).

Meanwhile,This friend of mine whose party was same date kept hoping that a miracle would happen and I will eventually be the one to perform at hers. Well,the miracle did happen at the end of day. I and my team ended up performing at her business 10th year anniversary.


It was a great evening as some of the “who is who” in the Lifestyle and Fashion Industry ,Oil and Gas,Media moguls  where in attendance,indeed it was an evening of ” Seeth a man diligent in his work,he will stand before kings and not mere men”. We stood before some great people.

Part of the highlight of that glamorous and fabulous evening was the set of panelists who were invited to share their stories as entrepreneurs,it so happened that each one of these business owner just celebrated or are about to celebrate 10years of their various businesses, and each one of spoke with so much fervour and passion that any aspiring entrepreneur in that audience should possess for success in the market place. That was the real deal for me.

In the kind of emerging economy like Nigeria,Entrepreneurship and entrepreneural skills acquisition has been the trend in the last couple of years,We have seen people   thriving against all odds all through the years, among them were the panelists present at the night of testimony and grace,which,by the way,was the theme for the dinner party, they all shared from their wealth of experience, pointing out the followings;

*Passion and Hunger must be the number one driving force for any one who wants to make significant impact in any chosen field. As a musician,I see myself as an entrepreneur in the music business/calling and I must tell you that it is passion that has kept and is still keeping me to this moment. Today,I see a lot of young people dabbling into the music field  without any ounce of what it entails or what is required and when it doesn’t work they get frustrated because they are looking for “instant gratification” or quick fix. There is no quick fix rule for Success,you must have the staying power to hang in there!

*The bank of “People”. There are many financial institutions out there who may not be able to help you when you are in dire need of resources to push your projects through,but there is a bank that can never run dry of ideas,resources,support when you need it most .It is the “People bank”. The place of valied relationships with friends,Families etcetera. It is important to value every relationship you have,because you never can tell who will turn out to be the key to your next level,For musician,I cannot over-emphasis enough that this is paramount to any kind of attainment.

*Failure is never an option,when one idea does not fly,you need to have,  plan B, and plan C,plan D, Plan E  to Plan Z.That way you’ll find out that failure is not optional you have to keep trying your best not matter what. I also got the point of having many other alternatives when I decided to ask myself some  critical questions concerning my music career(that will be topic for another post :-).

*Excellence cannot be compromised,This should be on the top list of our values and priorities whether as a blue chip company,start-up businesses or even aspiring entrepreneurs,creative artists inclusive! Paying attention to every minute details in honing our craft is very important.we must always seek to know more about our crafts,and apply ourselves accordingly. I am still a work in progress in this area,because sometimes I tend to forget or think that some things don’t matter but those things go a long way to tell who we are.

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