Mandate 2000.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

The year 2000 was a significant year for me. It was my final year in the University after about 10years in the university -I had a personal challenges and health issues that made my days longer than expected.

Be that as it may,my university days were the foundation stage for what I have become and what I am striving and aspiring to be.

While on campus during those days I started a Gospel rap group- Violent squad with the mission of taking the gospel to fellow student with the language of “Rap music”. We made impact for the few years we lasted.

The bset of the brainwaves came,when I  had the inclination to raise a 100 female voices for the program “Mandate 2000″- The programme lasted 3days. And it turned out to be a huge success.

I planned it all from start to finish, got a few of my friends to work with me, and we were running between attending lectures,final year projects to planning a 3 day seminar/concert. I invited Speakers all the way from Lagos to Ado-ekiti(southwest of Nigeria).

The major bang for me was the outcome of the concert night (when we started playing  Fela music on a Christian platform)- That alone made some tongues to blab among the other ” Christian circles”  but that singular act brought young people to surrender themselves to Christ. A number of cult members became christians that night.

Playing the “Fela” song was a strategy to get the attention of the students and we did get their attention and as they all came to the arena,the speaker started sharing about the love of God and the rest,they say is history :-).

I couldnt get 100 young ladies to form the mass choir,but the turn out of the female student at the seminar was overwhelming.

It was an idea that paved way for some great memoirs up till date. It can only get better,because Ideas rule the world.

In response to Daily Post-Brainwave

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  1. Like thunderbolt you came out sizzling hot. It is not the amount of time spent but the finished product and you my dear are a fine package 😊

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    1. kingsoracle says:

      Hahaha!!:-) :-). Thunderbolt indeed! I appreciate you darling Sis. <3.

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