To Leave A Legacy.


The first time I read Stephen Covey’s First thing First, It took me a while to understand everything at a go, but as the years went by I began to really understand the need for priority, purpose, and living a life of significance. I even attempted to adopt his mantra: To Live, To Love, To Learn, and to Live a Legacy. 

Talk about the ‘L’ Factor right? I believe that sums up life’s purposes. The story was told of Alfred Nobel, the man who created the Nobel Peace Prize, which is given every year to those deserving of it.

Alfred Nobel was an Arms manufacturer and an Inventor of dynamite and very wealthy too, But something happened to him, that changed the course of his life forever. He lost his brother. After the loss of his brother, an obituary was run about Alfred instead of his late brother. In the Obituary, Alfred was described as a merchant of death, who had made it possible to kill more quickly than anyone could ever do.

When Alfred saw the obituary he became extremely upset and resolve to do something about what was written concerning him. He decided that he would be remembered for something positive-THAT WAS HIS TURNING POINT!.

We may not all be in the kind of situation Alfred Nobel found himself, before discovering the significance of living life with intentionality and purpose, but one thing’s obvious that we will all in one way or another get to the point of finding significance and leaving legacies for the next generation.

How can you create a legacy that will outlive you?

*Tend to your thoughts-Thoughts have a presence. Our lives are created from our thoughts when we learn to control our thinking we can choose the life we want.

*Examine Yourself-One of the world’s great philosopher, Plato said,”know thyself” when you truly know who you are, through constant self-examination, then you find a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.

*Make yourself necessary-I came across a quote or nugget that reads,” work hard until you don’t need an Introduction”. My own Interpretation of this quote is simply becoming relevant in your circle of Influence such that you become a force to reckon with. Your principles and values speaks of authenticity.

*Think less about what you can get and more about what you can give- Go the extra mile when you give and your legacy will be great. Give love, Give hope, Give a smile, Give a helping hand. become a gift that keeps giving.

*Give love and give freely-Take a look around you and be an extension of Hope and Love. Life becomes more meaningful when you are able to give love without condition and you are seen as a loving person you leave a lasting legacy.

*Count your blessings-The heart that is open to thankfulness is usually a meaningful life. A thankful heart is a transformed life.

I will love to hear your opinion too and even add more to the list. 🙂

Here’s to living, loving, learning and leaving a legacy!


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  1. kingsoracle says:

    Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support dear sis. ❤


  2. tbSteve says:

    Great book by Covey. I recently read an article that talked about building your legacy: All the best.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks tbSteve,will definitely check it out. Thanks for stopping my end of the blogosphere :). see you around.

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  3. OBA says:

    Reblogged this on A Thousand Shades of Awesomeness and commented:

    Hello everyone, revisiting my old posts to get inspiration. xoxo. Here is a good one I thought you might like.


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