If I remove my hand from your life!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.” I thought hard about this prompt and it was difficult to actually figure out .But then the words she said resounded in my mind yet again.

“Banke, ti mo ba yowo loro e, ( Banke, if I turn my back on you, you will not find it funny. Those were her words that early morning,she was back in Nigeria and I stayed back in the UK for another one week.

From that statement you will think this person was my Mum, even my mum will not make such a statement.That was my bosom friend my covenant sister talking to me as If she were “God”. I was hurt and shattered by that statement and for days I cried,I couldn’t understand how someone would want to take the place of God in other people’s live.(Especially when they have done one or two favours for you) They think you belong to them.

At that time I wanted to just quit and end the relationship between her and me,but then I changed my mind and

forgot about the incident. I got back home to Nigeria and I didn’t feel like reaching out to her,because I still felt the pain of being falsely accused.She realised her mistake and tried reaching out,knowing that she’s the kind of person who can’t sorry, I forgave her anyway.Afterall,”To err is human,to forgive is divine.We continued being friends and became much more closer,of course she had her weakness and I had mine(tell me who doesn’t :).

Two or three years after the London episode,something else happened and has usual she began to play the domineering role again. I had to say goodbye for good this time,even though it hurt so much because she was really dear to my heart. I have tried to extend the arm of fellowship ,it had not yielded!

You win some,you lose some. when one door closes,another opens!

In response to Daily Post “If you leave”

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  1. My people say that over familiarity can breed contempt, such friends are better kept at an arms length. Nobody needs such agro :/


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Yes,my Sister at arms length,so be it.


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