Fright Night -Oh death where is thy sting?

Where-is-Your-Sting-300x225In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fright Night.” When I was a  teenager, an unfortunate incident occurred that almost jeopardize my life.  I fell into the hands of hoodlums who used manipulations to steal from people. They are called(419). In a bid to extort money I was brainwashed to go home and pack all of my mum’s jewelries.

My Father became furious, after the effect of their charms had gone off me,and I realised that I had been duped,out of anger my dad,ask an uncle of mine to accompany me back to where the hoodlums told me to come and meet them. Little did my dad and uncle know that they were putting me in harm’s way all over again.

Long story short,the guys found out that they were been cornered and tried to flee,meanwhile I was still in their car,while they were driving off. Fear gripped me,this is the end of my life,These people will kill me,My heart began to beat like the conga  drum on a fast pace,as they drove off with speed, I didn’t know where the strength or the courage came from,but the next thing I knew  I was rolling off on the express road, hearing so much noise and shout,as passersby were trying to shout down on coming vehicles to a halt,for the sake of the young girl who just jumped out of a moving vehicle. I was in so much pain as I tried to stand up from the road,but I couldn’t  by this time the crowd that surrounded me was overwhelming,there was panic on the face of the people as they tried to get me to a nearby hospital, at this point I was already covered in blood.

I was  taken to the hospital,while some other good samaritan tried to locate any family member. That incident almost ruined my parents marriage.That was my first face to face experience with death. I thought I was going to die. 20something years after, and two more death experience in between. Here I am still alive by God’s grace. No longer scared of death.

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  1. Goodness gracious ! Thank God for courage 😇

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  2. kingsoracle says:

    Thank God for courage and for mercies.


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