Whoever said leadership was a piece of cake?

Everything rises and falls on leadership, says John Maxwell, who is considered to be one of the 21st-century leadership gurus. No matter the status,  a fortune 500 CEO, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mum/dad, whoever and whatever you do, you are in a leadership position because you find one or two people or more looking up to you for directives.

Leadership is about Influence, it is not a function of titles, money, or offices. Attitude reflects leadership.

Leadership is a philosophy, it is a mindset. We all know it is human nature to always look for role models, someone to emulate. Influence is imminent on the home front, in the church and the society. There are leaders and there are those who are not. What separates a great and admirable leader from the others is the correct attitude of leadership. If you want to become the leader you desire, there are traits and attitudes that you must seek out.



1. Lead with your heart: When you lead with your heart it shows that you care about your circles of influence and you are willing to make changes positively because you care. Positive changes occur when courageous and skilful leaders are committed wholeheartedly.

2. Take meaningful action: As a leader at home or at work or at play, because you care about others, your passion for the people you are leading will always prompt you to take meaningful action that will be beneficial to the people that are being entrusted to you. You are able to respond to situations not based on your selfish gain but for the general good of others.

3. Release Control: Admirable leaders know that control is not leadership, so if you must be an admirable leader that others will love to emulate, then you need to know how to be flexible and adaptable to situations around you, especially in scenarios where you have to take the back seat as a leader.

4.Humility: Pride goes before a fall they say, and great leaders know this to be a profound truth, they try as much as possible not to toot their horns, admirable leaders work hard in silence and let their leadership abilities and achievements speak for them, They apologise for their mistakes. You must know the difference between who is right and what is right. This is the hallmark of the humility of admirable leaders.

5. Listening art: To listen is to care, admirable leaders know that the art of and the heart for listening takes any relationship to a greater level because it gives the people the idea you care and are interested in their affairs. Admirable leaders are able to feel the pulse around them when they pay attention to the people and they know what to expect.

6. Grow new leaders: A school of thought says, There is no success without a successor. If you must be an admirable and outstanding leader the onus is on you to develop other people around you, breed new leaders. Coach others to work on their own potentials and be great leaders who will go farther than you have.

What is the other attitude that can make for excellent and admirable leadership? I would love to read from you.

To your success

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Good qualities of leadership. Not very easy to inculcate but it is worthwhile I guess 😊


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Yes it is not easy to inculcate,it takes time to develop but in the end,one becomes better for it *wink*


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