In a way,there is still something to write!

Writing has become so much a part of my life in recent time and I enjoy the feeling it brings . The feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.Presently I am not writing for a living,but it is something I am considering in the nearest future.I have also discovered that it can be an obsession for me,so I try as much as possible to avoid the obsessiveness.

I have written a published book in the past,and I intend to do more with the time frame I have given myself,Meanwhile I have found wordpress as my home and I can come at anytime to put pen on my thoughts without any restriction whatsoever.

For any and every chosen field of expression,the need to have a break cannot be overemphasised,as a performing musician I have discovered that If I don’t take a break,it affects my overall delivery.


When I am not writing I am either sleeping or watching my favourite TV shows . I watch a lot of Inspirational movies to get inspired and motivated. I also enjoy cooking and playing with the boys. I read a lot as well so as to learn from other writers and understand how they write.

As I go about doing other things I find ideas flowing to me,as they flow,I try to put such ideas down so I don’t forget and I can develop the ideas later.

         In a way when I am not writing something,there is still something to write–OBA.

I will love to interview some of my blogger friends.I hope you will welcome me when I come to you.

In fulfilment of Writing 101:Day 9.

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