42 more! counting down

Its 42 days,12hours,17minutes and some microseconds to the end of this great year 2015. It has been a spectacular year so far. I am grateful for the gift of life. I remember as the year began in January I had so many expectations and dreams.

There were 2 significant questions I had to ask myself to keep me in focus in2015;

What will I do differently in 2015? and What is at stake for me in 2015?


The year has been great so far,I still have certain things at stake.

I want to see my album project completed before 2015 bids goodbye.

I hope to see a greater acceptance of my new christmas Ep as it is released in the coming week hopefully!!

Now that I have started writing again thanks to the world of blogging and wordpress. I  hope like to pick up on the draft of my second book and start working on it. I didn’t want to do anything until I finish the album project .

I hope to spend time away with the Men in my life during the Holidays-God we do need a time-out, outside of town!!.

I have also seen the level of growth with respect to my writing skill and blogging. I hope to do more as the days roll by-I hope to make new friends as well.

I hope and pray that God who in his infinite mercies brought ua thus far, will keep us whole and intact-Nothing missing,nothing broken till the end of the year and into the new year. Amen.


NabloPoMo November20th.

What do you hope to happen by the end of this year?



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  1. I love the Christmas holiday season 🙂


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