My name is…..


My name is ,my name is…….That’s one of the lines from Eminem songs from wayback. Music has become an intergral part of my existence. Music gives my life meaning. It is food for my ever longing soul.

Music helps me speak when words fail!.

Here are some of my all time compilations.


  1.  Were were-by yours truly OBA
  2. Moved by you-India Arie
  3. Walk on water-Mali Music
  4. Power of One-Israel Houghton&the new breed.
  5. U.N.I.T.Y-Queen Latifah
  6. Grace-Tasha cobbs
  7. No gray-Jonathan Mcreynolds
  8. Mr .Telephone Man-New Edition
  9. A rose still a rose-Aretha Franklin
  10. Son of God-Nathaniel Bassey
  11. Eyo-Asa
  12. Golden-Jill Scot.
  13. Darktown strutter’s ball-Ella Fitzgeralds
  14. Richard Bona.
  15. Soulbird Rise-India Arie.

            Music was my refuge.I could crawl into the space between the notes  and curl my back to loneliness-Maya Angelou.

Do you have an all time favourite Song? I will love to read about yours too. ❤

Writing 101:Day 15

13 thoughts on “My name is…..

  1. The very first song that comes to mind is “All I need is the Air that I breathe…” the Hollies, among others ….. I always think the title is “Sometimes…” 1974

    But another that is almost inseparable from that is”The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” Roberta Flack, 1972.

    These tunes are “close-your-eyes-and-curl-the-toes” songs that never fail to fill my heart.


  2. Music is really similar to videos and photos….the memories they etch in your mind of where you were at any given moment can all come rushing back to you even after many years have pasted. You could totally forget about a certain event but as soon as you hear a particular song you soon remember every little detail. Funny how that works. Music is most definitely a universal language.


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