Let Us Pray


Weekend is always the busiest days of the week for me because of the nature of what I do. I guess you already know by now :-). This weekend was not the same as the last one. I got an invite to come speak at a women’conference somewhere outside Lagos.

I am always excited when I get such invites as a speaker, in the midst of the excitement however,I also have this fear, and anxiety that seldom want to cripple me. I hear this other voice saying,” what do you know about stuffs that you want to talk to other?” but I try as much as possible not to allow the “voice” get the best of me,by focusing and relying on the grace and the opportunity that God has orchestrated to be his “mouthpiece”.

The theme of the Women Conference was centred on the significance and impact when women pray,what a broad topic to talk about.

Prayer is one discipline or lifestyle that cannot be overemphasised in the life of a christian. It is an essential part of our christian life. Like the song we use to sing in our local assemblies in the part of the world,Prayer is the master key that unlocks heaven’s intent in the earth realm.

Let us pray!  This is an invitation for communion with God  and with others. It is a charge,an admonition,an instruction to come together and exercise our creative power and energy to birth realities in our immediate environment.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name,there am I in the midst of them”.

When people pray together great things happen. There are instances of the formidable power of collective prayers all through the pages of scriptures and even in the present day,I have witnessed the power at work in the place of prevailing prayers in my life.

When  women pray the unimaginable happens, both the male and female have spiritual equalities,but a female is more emotional than the male because of the intrincasies of her fabrication and being. There is this beautiful structuring of the womansh that gives her the ability to nuture,enhance, reflect and moreso carry burden in her heart over time. and when she is moved this endowment enables her to give her all even in the prayet closet,without holding anything back- The woman is a an absolute example of “naked and not ashamed” on her knees!.

When more than one or two women pray together there is a heavenly connection that ties hearts and hands together in unity. There is something liberating about coming together to pray as men and women as we gather together we are united on mulitple levels.

Prayer is the gift given to man to touch heaven and pull down blessings,it is intimacy the communication of the deepest level of our souls and hearts in tuned with God and with one another-thats where the gift of “koinonia” fellowship thrives.

When we are united by the bond of God’s presence  we experience the miracle working power of God in the moments of submission.

The Language of Prayer.

The art of praying together as women or men will have significant and eternal impact when we understand the language of prayer. when Love is the foundation of our communion with God and grace becomes the platform we will not give room for the trappings of shallow relationships which threatens to break our wall of fellowship.

 If I speak with in the tongues of men or of angels  but do not have love,if I have the gift of prophesy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge,…..but do not have love….I gain nothing. 1 Cor 13(paraphrased).


We come together in prayers and agreement to see the glory of the Father in one another,and also to please the Father because he takes delight in our fellowship with one another. when women come togeher to pray to share burdens together it is not the time to gossip about each other or the time to turn the prayer request into topic for discussion instead we come together to bear burdens as sister-sister comforting one another.

I tell you that we women go through a  lot of challenges on a daily basis,and it is such an awesome relief when we know that we got sisters holding the fold for us.The potent power of the woman is evident in the place of sweet communion the Father and with one another.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. rosemawrites says:

    What a very nice theme to discuss. 🙂 Shared prayers are indeed calming and rejuvenating. 🙂


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Yes indeed,we are able to unburden together and also connect hearts and hands as we behold the Father in sweet communion.


  3. jessamayann says:

    Oba, this is so very true. I am so glad that you wrote about prayer today. You brought tears to my eyes as I reflected on the many times that I have knelt with my own “sisters” and felt there’s presence of Christ lift our burdens. Ah! Why do we ever allow prayer to become a last resort?! Thank you again for your encouraging words. Have a great weekend!


  4. kingsoracle says:

    I am so glad that it enriched you. It’s always a great upliftment when Sisters unburden together .I have seen amazing results as daughters of God unreservedly releases themselves unashamedly. Do have a great weekend darling Sis 🙂 .


  5. What a lovely idea 🙂


  6. kingsoracle says:

    Thanks Jacque. 🙂


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