Transition -A passage from one state,stage. Evolution from one form to another. As seen from the picture above. Life is in transition-The story of a cocoon turned to a beautiful Butterfly. What turns trash to treasure,tests to triumphs,ashes to beauty is transition or transformation. In Response to Daily Post, Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition.

Unplugged by force.

Do you know how it feels,when you can’t do something you love to do for a day or two? You feel incomplete right? unfulfilled! Now try and imagine how it feels when you can’t do that exact thing for more than one week. Yeah! I can actually try to picture your facial expression right there….

Welcome…try again.

Wow, congratulations we made it to the last month in the year 2015. It December,my favourite month . Not just because it is my birth month but there so much attached to¬†December.¬† You can accomplish more in the next few days of the month than you have in the last month put together if you…