Writing 101:  A poem a day.

Lately I find myself been distracted

I awake as early as the morning dawn

Yes in my heart the morning Song

But you my knight I find no time

It’s seem your love notes are now boring

I mean,I read them over and over

Oh how I yearn to break the norm


Now here I am, O Morning Star

              I am staring into the books

Yet again,I cry from my heart,

              For with you is the fountain of life;

                    In your light I see light?

                                    In you I see me.

                                    The radiance of your beauty

                           Reflects,expressed through this clay.


                                                                                                           Beholding as in a mirror,

                                                O let me reflect your love 

                                                                 To a dying world

                Not asking too much, but in my little way

            Can I still reflect you?

       Even, when I don’t feel or look like much.

      Reflections Reflections o shining star,

  Show the world through me ,Lord.

OBA 2015

In fulfillment of Writing 101;A Poem a day

11 thoughts on “Reflections?

    • Thank you Sis,Yes we all do feel it sometimes, I guess it my way of being vulnerable before the Creator,when things are going on around me.
      I appreciate your encouraging words Jackie Sis.


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