About Last Night

Its a beautiful Saturday morning, my eyes are quite drowsy from last night’s performance at Ginger tapas&grill, a great Nigeria meet Spanish cuisine in one of the high brows of Lagos.(This gal needs to sleep!!

The experience at tapas brought memories of “AneveningwithOBA&Friends a regular Christian jazz/soul lounge that I run with my crew, its been a while that we hosted OBA&Friends because I have been working on a album project. That’s story for another post I guess. 🙂


Apparently all my band members had to sleep over at my house because we finished late from the event,so everyone had to pass the night at my house. I am so blessed by these wonderful people who add Color  to my assignment of life. The value of friendship and relationship.

In my Zone. ;)
In my Zone. 😉

The whole experience was fun,and despite the fact that I am accustomed to singing about Christ love and healing within the four walls of Church and in bars,and lounges all across Lagos,I was a little bit nervous last night probably because it was our first time there, I couldn’t help but think about the audience acceptance of someone singing about God in a bar like that


The nervousness affected me at the onset of performance,but as soon as I reminded myself that God must have a reason for the opening, and pep myself up under one breath,my confidence came back and for 3 hours non stop we sang and sang.

I could see the expression on a few people,as they tried to move them to beat of soulful “Christian song”. The applaud and the side chit-chat showed they loved our performance.


I am grateful that I can use my gifts and talent to tell the world about Christ love and not be apologetic about my belief.

About last night, I learn’t if you stay secure in your assignment,and not try to be like the others, Your peculiar platform will open to you.

When  you give yourself totally to a cause, there will always be amazing results.

People like Originality.

For every Christian musician who thinks his/her assignment starts and end in the Church, you may have to think again, there is work on the field and people are really searching for meaning.

Jesus said,’go into all the world and preach the gospel, he did say stay in your local church!

I do not claim to know it all,I have to confess that sometimes I am often perplexed at the thought of going outside of the church wall, but I have realized that it is a dual assignment to the body of Christ and all others without bias, because we are all God’s children.

The work is out there,and music is one of the powerful tool for transformation in a society,community,home,or individual. I saw a bit of that last night.

As I appraise myself for the year ending,my outlook for the coming year with respect to my sound and music is to keep sharping my sword, spiritually,skillfully, and in terms of people skill as well, so that I am relevant to the body of Christ and the world at large,not religiously, but with integrity and authenticity to be able to influence my immediate circle of influence positively.



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  1. Way to Go Sis! Mega proud of you. I’m in Lagos o, didn’t get my Invite. Lol.
    We won’t know the flavour of salt if it isn’t used. We can’t stay in church and make impact. I am so happy that You are getting fulfilled doing what you love and using it as a means to glorify God. This is one area I am trusting God to help in as I journey into 2016 – to make more impact.
    Well Done Sis!


  2. kingsoracle says:

    Thanks Sis, oh you in Lagos really. That’s great to know. I should invite you for gigs then o. Yes you are so right, We have been doing outreach like this one for over 3 years now,and God has used it to open platform to fearlessly raise the banner through music,I trust God greater and wider impact in the new year. Where in Lagos are you? would it be nice to hook up someday soon? Grace multiplied on all side. 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      *yayyy* Thank you Thank you so much. <3. 🙂


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