I need you!

New Song Cover.

have been longing to record it, to be able to share it with the rest of the world.

After much ado about something it finally came out,now the question is how to get it out to all the platforms available for the song to circulate properly. I must confess that it had been a daunting task and I was almost giving up on the idea of getting across to everybody in the shortest space of time.

One of the strategy I used or that I am adopting is putting the song on the wall of all my Facebook friends,so far I have been able to put it on about 60 Facebook walls,called a few bloggers to promote it on their platform and for that to fly you got to have some cool cash to throw around, aside from that you are” on your own”!(Our usual Nigerian slang O.Y.O)

The song is about the” Christ in the Christmas ” the true reason for the season,and how Christ’ birth brought about salvation for humanity in totality, written in the usual manner of my songwriting style, which is a blend of western and African fused together to birth something I call ‘Afroneosoul’. In accordance with my mantra …”Making a divine statement with an African signature”. 

That’s why its a blend of English and my local dialect, Yoruba. I tried to do a little translation in the video. You can check here https://youtu.be/J8RbcRJNbMw.

So what am I ranting about,I need your help with the song, I have a target and goal to hit 100,000views, and I just found out that I can’t achieve that goal without you. Here I am again asking you  to help me make the dream come true. I need to prove to myself that a simple Christmas  song like this can also go viral. well,maybe I am daydreaming! 🙂 . I know it can be done, at least I am going to give it a try anyway.

Yesterday, I succeeded in putting  the mp3 version of the audio and the video on https://reverbnation.com/obamusic and it is gradually trending.

I know you can help me,because I need you. Check out all the links listen,download and share it all around will ya,please?

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