This Smells good.

When you hear the word scent what comes to you mind? Smell, right? sweet smell,bad smell and the in-between. I had the opportunity to speak to some youths over the past weekend at two separate places and the central theme of both speaking engagement was “worship”.

The earlier program was centered at Prayer,Praise and Thanksgiving. While the other program which was the formal inauguration of our church’youth fellowship.

“Scent of worship”,was the theme of the inauguration and indeed it was a great evening of diverse expressions from the younger generation.

I was asked to lead them in worship and share maybe one or two things about worship with them. As I sat at the back of the hall, watching in amazement how the young people expressed themselves in worship through songs, dance ,spoken word and more, basking in awe of God’s presence as it fills the atmosphere. I was reminded about how Mary broke the alabaster box of expensive perfume on the Lord Jesus. John 12:1-8

I want to share the five principles of worship as lurked in this verses of scripture. For those familiar with the bible and Christ’s relationship with the Household of Lazarus.You will know that Lazarus and his sisters have a special affinity with Jesus.

In the Preceding chapter before John 12,we see Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead,the first record of Jesus shedding tears was at Lazarus tomb,showing the extent of Christ’s deep love for Lazarus. He raised  him from the dead and six days before the Passover, Jesus was back in Bethany where Lazarus lived.


Here was Jesus coming to town after the miraculous resurrection of Lazarus,and they just it a nice gesture to host the Master to a sumptuous dinner. Mary, Lazarus sister did something remarkable at the gathering,  Her act of love shown to Jesus lays a great foundation for us as Christians today. Here are five principles from this event in John 12;1-8. You can take time to read through. 

Five principles of a worship that smells right.

  1. From the beginning of chapter 12 of John- Jesus was the center of the dinner. It was held in His honor. As believers and lovers of Christ, He must the guest at every gathering of our lives. Not only in church services,or worship concert,but in our daily activities, because worship transcend just just gathering together to sing favorite tunes. Jesus Christ must be honored in all our daily dealings and endeavors.
  2. Worship must be pure- “Then she took half a litre  of pure nard’, research shows that the spikenard is an aromatic Himalayan plant, the source of an ointment used by the ancients. The emphasis here is the pureness of the ointment. It was not a decayed plant that could give out a pungent smell. It was pure,without stains or decay. In the same way our attitude in worship must reflects the pureness of our hearts and our desires.
  3. ….an expensive perfume. It was so costly that even Judas had to grumble and complain about “wasting such ointment”. True worship is quite expensive,true worshipers must be willing to expend time, energy, and resources to assure quality worship. That singular act of worship costed Mary that it became a topic of discuss among the economic and financial gurus of her days. True worship is sacrificial  and expensive. No wonder David said,” I will not give to the Lord that which does not cost me”.
  4. Worship must be bold- a bold unhindered expression of our heartfelt admiration to the maker of all. Our Lord,Master and God. We see this boldness in Mary who did not care about what people may think but chose to express her love pouring the oil on the master’s feet. Her boldness was as a result of her yearning for the LORD. That need for more of God motivated her to take bold steps to connect. what is that need in your heart /life right now? Let it propel you into God’s presence in total surrender and reckless abandonment before God.
  5. “And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.True worship,Quality worship has away of permeating every area of our lives such that it exudes the beauty and the glory of God wherever we are whether in the assembly of saints or in a individual lives.

In conclusion, God is seeking to get our attention and take the first place in our heart, and when we give God our heart totally ,we would go any length to give him extravagant worship motivated by Love with humility and sincerity of heart such that the delicious fragrance fills our lives and people around us can partake of it.

It is time to give your best, and let your worship permeate your life and circumstances.  Giving out sweet aroma that smells good.

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