Absent from my body….

It was a cold hazy morning,I decided to spent a moment of quietness outside the house. I went to the back of the house,right by my bedroom. I could hear the cars and Okadas,moving and the zooming off,its a brad new day.

People were up bright and early,ready for the days affairs,school children running  and calling out on each other. I thought I wanted “quietness” ! I woke up with many thoughts running through my mind,sometimes I wonder how the human mind can absorb,process a million and one thing at a time.

I was outside to get some clarity,I had just scribbled some things in my gratitude journal. I had formed the habit of keep a gratitude journal apart from my other journals, and I try to write the thankful and not-so-thankful thoughts, because in everything, we should give thanks!

The more I wrote in the journal, the more unclustered my mind became, as soon I was done with writing down,I flipped opened my bible to read and meditate on the portion of scripture for the day. I was reading Psalm 72.This particular chapter of the Psalm is very special to me, because in a way it unravels to me, my prophetic destiny. As I read further,In a split second,I was awashed by tide of thought that overwhelmed me.

In that moment of drifting, I was engaged in dialogue with God, we’ve had this conversation about death before. Here and now I was reminding Him again about how I wanted to be translated to glory.  I have had a near death experience about 3 times in my lifetime to have been able to come to the point of negotiating with God on the way and manner I want to die. IMAGINE ME!

Well, call me crazy or whatever,I believe since,I didn’t die on those occasion and through those means,I might as well choose how I will transcend to the other side of eternity future. Well I did sometimes back, and from time to time I engage in reminding God.  It happened that another opportunity came again for this topic on death and dying.

You might be wondering how the discuss went . This negotiation of mine is based on one condition, and that condition is if Jesus tarries in coming. I believe in the second coming of Christ,and I await him. I told God in our discussion, that if Jesus tarries in his coming I will love to be translated to glory in the place of worship at about the age of 91 or thereabout,I painted that beautiful picture of being in the midst of brethren and just leading God’s people in a time of worship-Totally lost in His presence,captivated by the beauty His glory,floating in the peace of Yahweh,beholding him face to face, and gbam! i have left my physical body.

Oh what a  beautiful,awesome way to die. That’s the picture I have always held in my heart, and it reminded me of what Apostle Paul experienced when he said something about been absent from the body and present with the Lord.2 Cor 5:8;

We are confident,I say,and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

I laughed at myself,as I talking and I don’t know if it was me that responded or I heard it,or it was thought, that said,”Be careful what you ask for, it might just happen!

As I drifted back into my bible reading,I was back in Psalm 73, and this great passage just blew me to bits. Psalm 73: 23-24;

Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.

You guide me with your counsel, and afterwards you will take me into glory.

It was one of those unusual morning I come face to face with the reality of the eternity future. It helps my faith to know that whether God grants my desire of passage to glory or not. The most Important is that my absence here means present with the Lord.



Okada-Meaning Motorcycle, or Motorbikes.

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  1. Edmond Sanganyado says:

    There’s nothing that exceeds the peace and joy of being in God’s presence. These encounters with God if they do anything in our lives it is to shatter our God concept, supplanting it with who he really is. Great post, I loved it.

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  2. kingsoracle says:

    You are very right Edmond, our myopic mind can’t comprehend His Sovereignty and Awesomeness. It is such encounters like this, that humbles us, if we let Him…. That I may know Him and the Power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his suffering.. Thanks for stopping by. It is an awesome feeling to know that Iron is sharpening Iron on this platform, so that we are all with unveiled faces will behold His Glory here and after. Shalom.


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