God’s leading Generation.

As I sit back and reminisce into another day,

I couldn’t help but think about all that is going on around me

The other day I sat down and watched how contemporaries

Try to outplay themselves on the altar

How did we get here?

I asked myself.

To every one He has given  according to the measure of grace.

Why is the competition so fierce in the body

Oh, I thought we were made to complete and complement

All joints supplying till we are reach the fullness of the Godhead

Why Men slept the enemy has done this.

gods generals


Instead of looking unto Jesus,

We are looking into pockets

‘Whats in it for me? Instead of

What significant impact will my role play in the supreme agenda of the Master?

Is it about sugarcoated mouth and eloquence and savvy

Or the demonstration of the Spirit and Power.

Why is there no exploits?

Could it be that we no longer know Him.


Awake o daughters of Zion

Awake o men of valor,

Where are the men and women after God’s heart?

Where are you,

God’s leading Generation?

Where the Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s of this times.

Awake all you Esthers of our days’

It’s time to use your brain, beauty,and brilliance

To advance the cause of the Godhead in the earth realm.

Not for personal gain

For the work of the Father require haste.

Its time for the new breed without greed,

To take the lead.

Enough of cold ,lukewarm,complacent relationship

Raise the banner now,

God’s leading Generation


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Will a new breed without greed arise?


  2. kingsoracle says:

    I hope we will,I pray we will,There is a remnant in the waiting. Rising from the dunghills of religious oppression and materialism, to their true calling as valiant men and women. No hol’s barred!.


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