God cares!

I read a post from one of my dearest blogger friend,RachelAnn. https://startwithsparkles.wordpress.com. About the loss of her dear Sister Debbie who passed on to glory a few days ago. It is quite devastating to lose a loved one,my sincere condolence goes to Rachel at this time,and to many others out there suffering from the loss of loved ones.

God cares and He will hold you now.

You may never be able to understand why.

God cares and He will hold you now.


God cares and he will hold you now because you are his child no matter what we go through in life.


This is for you RachelAnn, and anyone out there.

Thoughts always


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  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Oba, Thank you so much. You touched my heart. 🙂 ❤


    1. kingsoracle says:

      You are welcome dearest one. ❤

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    2. kenzelsfire says:

      Rachel Ann,
      I’m truly sorry 4 your loss. My only sister passed 3 yrs ago. To make matters worse we hadn’t spoken in 12 yrs. All this to say, I should have known better. Life is a vapor. I lost my parents in my teens & I continue to learn from those events all these years later. Just know….you are not alone in your grief.

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      1. Rachel Ann says:

        Thank you. I’m sorry for your losses as well. It is never easy no matter what the relationship dynamic was between yourself and the family member. Best wishes to you. ❤ Thank you for reading and blogging.


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