For the love of reviews.

Thank you for the review of my blog for the year ending 2015. I had mixed feeling about though, I wasn’t too excited about it, that could be as a result of my state of mind in the last 2 days. Well life happens. 🙂

I have seen a lot of growth in the last couple of months,So thankful for the growth and development of my writing muscles,and the fact that I can pour my heart out without any reservations,my poetry ability became more alive this year all thanks to BloggingU and the related courses. I have found and made amazing friends out of bloggers on this platform. So thankful for all you beautiful people out there.

Special Thank you(s). YOU ALL INSPIRE ME!

To you my reader(s) out there  A BIG HUG from me to you. Thank you for always visiting and reading everything that comes from the

To this end, there will be slight changes on this site in the coming year, so as to function precisely the spokesperson that I have been called to be . To impact,impart and influence to the glory of God and benefit humanity in my own petite way 🙂 .


To a beautiful 2016 of purpose-driven blogging!


Happy New Year, ahead!

16 thoughts on “For the love of reviews.

  1. Thanks Oba for the mention. It’s such an honor. I would like to thank you for taking your time to support me through thoughtful comments and following the big. I really appreciate. I pray your continue writing and encourage people through yielding to the call.


  2. Thank you Oba for the acknowledgement, I have enjoyed reading your posts and admire the way you fit in so much in your busy life yet you write so well, Wish you all the best for a brand new 2016.


    • Happy New Year, thank you for being a great supporter last year,for the time taking to visit my blog and to also comment ,I hold you so dear! I look forward to greater level of mutual impact in this new year. Have a great one. 🙂

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