#MondayMusic&Me. Hello dear Musicians and Creative People all over.Its another Monday to share with you some thoughts,views, findings and everything related to Music and other creatives associated with Music. Today,I won’t be sharing much, instead I will like to hear your views on this quote I saw sometimes ago. Ludwig Van Beethoven. – A German Composer….

Take me over.

Everything I have, I lay it down. All of me.. These are lines of the song I just discovered  yesterday.It is a song by Michael W Smith from the album,”Wonder”, the song is titled,’Take me over’. The song played all night. and its playing as I write permeating every part of my heart and soul….

God’s leading Generation.

As I sit back and reminisce into another day, I couldn’t help but think about all that is going on around me The other day I sat down and watched how contemporaries Try to outplay themselves on the altar How did we get here? I asked myself. To every one He has given  according to…


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Please drive carefully as you visit family and try not to over indulge? Consumerism took the ‘Christ’ out of Xmas! Seems more about the gifts we get and buy; The treats we stuff ourselves with nigh; Plus family reunions that can push our buttons. Midnight mass a token ‘spiritual’ celebration, Then…

Absent from my body….

It was a cold hazy morning,I decided to spent a moment of quietness outside the house. I went to the back of the house,right by my bedroom. I could hear the cars and Okadas,moving and the zooming off,its a brad new day. People were up bright and early,ready for the days affairs,school children running  and…

On my mind… lately!

Don’t assume that just because people are listening,you always have something to say.


Farewell, farewell,farewell It’s been fun while it lasted. Though I hate to say goodbye I know we’ll see soon by and by We meet to part  And part to meet. Until our part cross again  On this pedestal, Farewell, beautiful soul Farewell. Writing 101 Day 10; FAREWELL  

I need you!

have been longing to record it, to be able to share it with the rest of the world. After much ado about something it finally came out,now the question is how to get it out to all the platforms available for the song to circulate properly. I must confess that it had been a daunting…

This Smells good.

When you hear the word scent what comes to you mind? Smell, right? sweet smell,bad smell and the in-between. I had the opportunity to speak to some youths over the past weekend at two separate places and the central theme of both speaking engagement was “worship”. The earlier program was centered at Prayer,Praise and Thanksgiving. While…