Excuse me Lord, You have to wait! Part 1.

This is the part 1 of the series,my attempt at writing fiction stories…seriously!

It’s Saturday morning, the  weather is fresh and cool. Susan is wild awake as usual it has become a daily ritual,to wake up at this time of the morning to kiss the day.

This morning is quite different as she was jolted out her sleep by a funny dream she made her way quickly to the bathroom,as she felt the urge to empty her bowels,maybe that was what woke her from that funny dream.

Coming out of the bathroom, to climb back to bed, she heard movement coming from the next room, “at this time of the morning”, she exclaimed ! she knew that her children were already awake too.

‘You children are awake, what are you doing up at this time of the day?

C’mon go back to bed!  she shouted at them as she opened the door from her room.

Mummy, there is no school today,” Tade replied

‘We would clean the house and do our chores ,mummy please go back to bed.

I should go back to bed so that you  can stay glued to the TV all morning right?

Get back into your room right now! that is an instruction, not a suggestion, Immediately the boys ran back to their room.Read More »

My big fat 600 lbs.. Facing your fears.

It’s Thursday evening night I am up late, waiting for my significant other to come home from his usual Thursday routine. The boys are already in bed, and right about now I’m about to have me some ‘OMG ‘I sat down to watch some TLC Channel. I usually don’t watch this  particular channel all the time,tonight I’m indulging me!

As I sat to watch a new episode of “My Big fat 600 lbs”, where are they Now? This particular episode showcased two obese women struggling with their weight and their journey to regain their lives back.

I saw how these two women faced with same life threatening obesity, responded to the situations  culminating in their individual end -results.

The two of them went through the rigors and pains of surgery,this documentary was actually to show what became of them one year after the surgical operation.

After watching It got me thinking about my own ‘Big Fat 600 lbs’ which may not necessarily be about physical fatness,but something else, some habits or lifestyle that I may be struggling with.

We are the sum total of the decisions we make per time at every given stage in our lives.

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In the Morning…


Ain’t no need to worry

what the night’s gonna bring,

It will be all over

In the morning.

This is my encouragement to you out there my friend,

You may not know how, you may not understand it all

Go on ahead and sleep over it,

It will be all over in the morning

Because the sun will shine anew,

It will be a breath of fresh air,

The dark sky will give way

To a sparkling bright cloud

It will all over in the morning.



OBA 2016@ The Kingsoracle.


iSucceed…For the love of Mentors and Life coaches.

There is a common African proverbs,

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go in a company.

This proverbs reiterate the importance of working together with other people in order to realize and achieve your objectives in life.  I remember my growing days as a young child, how my father always encouraged me to keep striving to be a better person. He was very instrumental to my passion for reading books, I believe he was a great influence to the kind of books I still read up till date.

Behind every success in life, stands a mentor,someone who lovingly tells us when we are drifting away from the path, who also gives a pat in the back when we do right.  They are found everywhere.

Mentors can be found at home,school,church,sport fields, and in business. My father was my first mentor in the home, I remember when I will come back from school, despite the fact that I was on the top 3 list of exceptional students in my class, and in sport activities ,I felt like a nobody because of my size. I was the ‘shortest’ in my class, that gave me a kind of complex that I struggled with even in my adult years. My Dad was always there to speak boldness and confidence into me.

I believe because of my ‘petiteness’, if there’s word like, and brilliance I could easily draw attention to myself, and as such found people who wanted to help me get out of my ‘complex’ issues and maximize the potentials they saw in me. I found mentors and coaches in my teachers also. I could easily walk up to them and ask questions, receive guidance on different topics from academia to peer pressure stuffs.Read More »

Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday.


The business of Womanhood is a heavy burden.-Tsitsi Dangarembga

A heavy Burden made light through her gracefulness.

A heavy burden made made light through her tenderness.

A heavy burden made light through her Smiles.

A heavy burden made light by thinking of others before she thinks of herself.

A heavy burden made light as she unlocks her love and tenderness towards everything she holds dear.

A heavy burden made light as it gives her infinite patience  and infinite perseverance.

This is for all the beautiful epitome of eternal excellence gracefully adorned with everything to make heads AAturn,to nurture to life, to build, to encourage to be everything and all things at the same time.

The mother of Nations, The queen of her home, the one waiting to be swept her feet.

God’s supreme creation, Daughters of God.


Beautifully bold


Delectable, delightful

Epitome of Eternal Excellence

Fascinating,Fabulous fashionista


Harmoniously humble


Jack of all trades

Kinky  with her hair


Mummy manager,miss,mrs,ms


Observer extra ordinaire

Patient,Persistence Powerful,Phenomenal

Queen,Quintessential, Quiet


Stunning,shining star




Xtra special!




I celebrate the woman in me, and I celebrate all of you women who rock this beautiful world.

OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

I will be writing a weekly post on the woman captioned Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday.