Echoes of my neighborhood.


Okada riders in my hood.

It is commonly place to see Motorbike,  ‘okada’   as we call  it in Lagos state,Nigeria.  Okada is a faster means of transportation in the very busy streets of Lagos.

When next you are in my hood, make sure you jump on one of those ‘Okada’s.  Not to forget the “keke Marwa” in case you’re not alone. 😀

Keke Maruwa” are the small Yellow color Motorbikes in the Picture. They can convey between 3-4 people with the busy and tight street of Lagos.

Many thanks to Jackie’s echoes of my neighborhood challenge.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. My people, my people. You take me home girl 🙂


  2. simpledimple says:

    Memories flooding back. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  3. Amanda says:

    Your ‘okada’ is like ‘ojek’ in my country ^^


    1. kingsoracle says:

      😀 That is so cool.


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