#Blackstar-Tribute to David Bowie .Lessons to learn from his career.

Hello Musicians, creative acts, and everyone in between. It’s my #MondayMusic&Me.

As Early as 5:30 AM, Nigerian time ,I set out off the house for the Monday morning breakfast fellowship of one of the top 100 best companies in Nigeria. I have been part of the company’s breakfast fellowship in the last 3 years.

Monday being the first working day, The entire management and staff take the first 1 hour to celebrate God’s faithfully and ask for direction in the place of worship and prayer.

Traffic on Monday morning in Lagos is crazy”so if one must meet an early morning appointment on Monday, you must set out of your house by the ‘wee hours’of the morning. That explains why I set out at such time every Monday.

Today,was not an exception,except for the fact that as at 6:00 am,the street were still dark,and to my chagrin, the street lights were not on today.‘Lagos na wa o, what happened again ?

I got there early enough,I had enough time to muse,meditate and pray,check mails,and try to catch a few minutes sleep. Well the fellowship ended at about 9:10 am, and everybody left the hall to their respective offices for the day’s work to begin. I made way to the lounge of the executive office,as I sat down in the lounge ,what caught my attention immediately was the headlines news on CNN; MUSIC ICON DAVID BOWIE DIES AT 69! 


My reaction was really? 11 days into the new year and a celebrity is already gone. The report went further to say that he had been battling cancer for 18 months,with all the photos from Getty Image been flashed on TV, I began to think about how much impact he made with his life or better still his music. Of course we can guess the answer by the influx of messages all over the social media from across the global village.


One thing that got my attention was the video of his latest work called “blackstar’ and other track in the album called ” Lazarus”.

Blackstar lyrics;

Something happened on the day he died

Spirit rose a metre  and stepped aside,

Somebody else took his place and bravely cried,(I’m a blackstar,I’m a star’s star etc

Lazarus Lyrics:

Look up here, I’m in heaven

I’ve got scares that can’t be seen

I got drama that can’t be stolen

Everybody knows me now.

You can tell from the lines above that David prophesied about his death, That got me thinking for a moment that there is such a great power in this art called music that someone will actually be able to speak about things that will happen.

I was not so much a fan or follower of David’s music,but one thing that is crystal clear was the fact he honed his skill as a musician all through the years and was able to re-invent his craft per time, which made him stood the test of time only to be taken away after so much pain with Cancer.

As I was writing this post my 12 year old son,ask me about what my focus was for the post.I told him that David Bowie had died,

He was  a rock and roll musician, I said,

Is he  a Christian Rock-star? My son then asked, to which I said no,not that I know of anyway, but my post is about Music generally and music is a universal language.’ I replied.

I always try to write from a christian perspectives though ,I tried to explain further.

As I tried to make further findings about the Icon, who was a weirdo, from the red hair days to the Ziggy locks and Lycra pants, and all of his ‘out-of -here’ persona. I may not or never agree with his lifestyle  though,but one thing stand out that David made an immense contribution  and influence musician for more than four decades.

Somethings to learn from David Bowie.

*Be Original, there are too many copycats out there, don’t be afraid to be Individual. Everybody cannot be your audience.  When you are you, your own will find and seek you out.

*The Only constant thing is Change-Re-invent yourself,sharpen your skills,be the best at what you do.

*Take Risks, The music profession is somewhat risky,sometimes you win ,sometimes you lose, but never be afraid to take risk,

*Preserve your Privacy. I believe a number of us never knew he was battling cancer until his demise. Everything about you should not always be headlines!


As another musical soul passes on to the other side, It is a lesson for those who are still here.  What will your life count for? what will your work count for?

Eccle 3:1-2;

There is a time for for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,


RIP to a Music Icon,who bowed out  and bade farewell to the world.

Image Credit: Google.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. moonskittles says:

    Beautiful and inspirational!! Blessings to you!


      1. moonskittles says:

        You are welcome!! 🙂


  2. Jenni says:

    Bowie’s death hit me pretty hard. I’ve followed his career since the late 70’s, and he’s always been an artist I admire for his boldness, inventiveness, and ability to reinvent himself over and over. When Ziggy Stardust or Major Tom’s time had come, he let that character go and moved on to the next. With 25 albums to his credit over the course of 50 years, there is something in his repertoire that would appeal to virtually every music lover, from Grandma to my young niece. What a man. What an artist.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      He was a phenomenon, you will agree with me.


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