How to Turn a Good Story into a Great Song

As a Singer/Songwriter,I find this piece of Information quite Insightful. I hope it does help some one out there.


Music Connects PeopleYou may have a story in your head that you think to yourself would make
an excellent song. But you may not even know where to begin. People do love a great story when they are listening to a song because it gives them a fully immersive experience that some people are looking for in music. These stories generally give an emotional reaction for the listeners which will help them relate to your music and even have an experience with your music. A good story is able to create a powerful and amazing song.

The big question is “how do you turn a good story into a great song?” One of the biggest problems someone may have with this task is condensing the story into a song versus a several paged story as well as condensing the amount of characters involved in the story. If you include too many characters…

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