Stop the Excuses!

This one hits home right there. How many of us are victims of excuses, all the time, trying to run away from things that challenges the status quo . Excuses sell one short and undermines our capacity for optimum performance and achievement in every area.

Giggles & Tales

One of my best moments of the day is when I settle down to surf the internet. It’s a daily routine I enjoy. My companion for this daily act is always my favorite cup of tea. It keeps me warm, especially now when the cold is gathering momentum, making me reach for warmth wrapped tightly in woolen clothes.

I tell you, the thoughts of stepping outside at this time sends cold shivers all over me. It’s no longer news that I dread this harsh winter.  However, it has become a necessary evil to live with so I should just learn to love it or pretend to love it, at least. But I do love the fact that it forces me to stay indoors and connect with my home and inner self.  I guess I should stop this nagging or whinning, right? Haha!

Yesterday, while observing this ritual of connecting with…

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