The Voice.

I heard Darryl D.M.C McDaniels one of the pioneers of Hip-hop culture and a founding member of the group Run D.M.C Once said,

It is the job of the Artist to be the voice of the people in matter relating to life on a daily basis.

I quite agree with his school of thought there, besides I believe that the authenticity of the voice of the artist is based on his/her experiences that is reflected in the music,when the people hear it they are able to align with the music, regardless of the genre or style.

Hello and welcome to another exciting and informative edition of #MondayMusic&Me. Today I want to touch on the artist as the voice of the people.

You will agree with me that music succeeds where politics and religion fail, and it is also the medium where we educate ourselves. Let me emphasis here that the responsibilities of an artist is summed up majorly in two folds.

  1. To educate.
  2. To entertain.

As a musician you pride yourself on  having your own distinct the voice, that voice must also help others to find theirs as well, because music is your life, the lyrics is your story, when you tell your stories with your distinct voice it resonates to as many who find the story you tell applicable to them.

Some one once said,

where words fail, music speaks.

My c to every artist is to rise up to the responsibilities placed on each of us, to actually be the voice to speak against the social ills and the moral decadence.  Music is life,you have to be alive to speak life to other people. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Let your Voice be the reaffirming Voice for Change,Healing.


If this caption is true, then it would be great to use the brain to listen to music that will propel people in the right direction in every sphere of life.

Photo credit: Pinterest.


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