Much Ado about Fasting.

Sometimes back I made a comment of a friend’s blog when she wrote about some delicacies from our homeland, Giggles and tales. I remember telling her in the comment I made not to spoil my fast, cause the all the delicacies she outlined on her post that day made me salivate.

From the part of the world that I am from, It is normal rituals for Christians to  embark on a fasting exercise  in the beginning of a new year to set things in right perspectives ,seek for breakthrough and all the in between. Well for most religious people that is the only time they get to go through the fasting exercise , everybody is doing it -so they join the bandwagon.


For the the other group of people, who see the exercise as not just a one -off, happy-new-year rituals, Fasting is much deeper than that, and they engage in this practice with clear intentions and purpose. Because they understand the dynamics of the exercise and it wholesome benefit to the total anatomy of man.

Fasting is one of the best retreat for me in my personal relationship with God, long before now,I had engaged in different kinds of fast. I remember way back in my University days I went on a 14 days Fast without food, except milk, That experience for me was an eye-opener.

Lately, I decided to revisit the significance of fasting,and I was amaze at some of the discoveries I found.

The first book I ever read on Fasting was by  Jentezen Franklin, In his introduction,He shared about the secrets to his breakthrough in life and ministry and attributed it to fasting. He said,

” For me,fasting  has been the secret to obtaining open doors, miraculous provision, favor, and the tender touch of God upon my life”. 

His Church begins each year with a 21-day fast. My Church declared a 50 day fast this year. Now for someone like me, I just don’t want to go through the motion and I  feel it is important for most of us to understand the why, how, what of fasting. I mean if its going to be a long ride, we might best know why we re doing it.

Let me  establish it here that our fasting does not help God in any way. You are the sole beneficiaries of any fasting exercise you decide to embark on.


  1. Fasting is not merely going without food for a period of time- that’s more like starving or dieting
  2. Fasting is not only for fanatics,it is not limited to ministers,clergies,monks in a cave somewhere.
  3. Fasting is not looking grumpy,gloomy and sad.

Mzalwane Cartoon 16.JPG

Fasting is refraining and abstaining from not only food, but other pleasures that appeal to man, for the purpose of gaining spiritual,mental, physical insights. As Psalm 42 , David’s passionate plea, fasting brings one to a deeper, more intimate and powerful relationship with the Lord.

I discovered that when you eliminate food from your diet for a couple of days ,your spirit become uncluttered by the cares of the world and an amazing sensitivity to the things of  God. David experienced “deep calling unto deep” when he was fasting. HE HEART CRIED OUT TO GOD. FROM THE DEPTH OF HIS SPIRIT TO THE DEPTH OF GOD.

When you experienced even a glimpse of that kind of Intimacy with God-The creator of the Universe ,and the countless rewards,and great  blessings that follows, Your perspective will change, and you will agree  that fasting is indeed a secret weapon for power with God that many seem to overlook or hold with dismal.

Apart from the spiritual benefits and blessings that accrues  to you in the place of fasting there are  other mental and health benefit that comes with fasting. I want to delve into these other aspects, because I believe that if you and I are aware of all these blessings ,Then Fasting will no longer be a ‘monsterous undertaking’ as many think it is .

In every aspect of life, fasting is literally a ‘reset’ .

Things to consider in order to amplify your fasting experience.

Before you embark on a journey, there are certain things you need to put in place for that journey to become a fruitful journey. Same rule applies to any form of fasting exercise you may want to engage in.

  • The purpose of the fast-why am I fasting? Fasting without a purpose  is like going on hunger strike-I remember that the first few days of my fast was like that, I was finding it very hard to focus, to pray or even study the bible, until I asked myself what I intended to achieve with the exercise,so that it will not be in futility at the end of the day.

Fasting is a form of prayer,but this time it is with such intensity because you are depriving yourself of certain pleasures. You can fast for anything and fast for anybody.

  • Create a pattern for your fast-make it repetitive, because repetition and pattern create depth. begin and end every exercise  with a prayer
  • Don’t fast for too long- You can start with skipping one meal, as you progress then 2 meals, and on like that, and then 24 hours it all depends on you.

It is common for people who experience  the radical benefit of fasting to take it to the extreme. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

A story is told about someone who fasted for a couple of days or so,and when he wanted to break the fast decided to break with big bowl of Eba, of course the end result was fatal.

*There is no perfect fast, but what matters most is whichever way you decide to go, just finish strong. Know your body and fast in a way that suits you for as long as you can experience the yearnings and longing for God in the place of prayer.

*You can also fast with other people for a joint cause- Because you now you are not alone, it gives you encouragement to want to keep going on . just as Solomon said,

Two are better one.


  1. Fasting boost your confidence-
  2. Fasting aids in clarity and direction-when you remove yourself from the noise of addiction especially food temporarily you clear space for the subtle signal of the your guiding truth-God
  3. Fasting helps your productivity- if your body is overfull, your energy level drops,and your mind is not alert.
  4. Fasting can become the trigger to keeping proper perspective on what matters most in life, the more you spend time in prayer and fasting , your views about certain things change
  5. Health -wise;Fasting can reverse eating disorder,clears your skin acne, making you glow, fasting allow you to have a healthy vibrant flow, because it help in detoxification.
  6. Fasting taps into the higher realm and depth of God, if you want spiritual and mental breakthrough spend time in fasting.
  7. Fasting stabilizes your emotions- You are not moody, or edgy, instead you feel light and more tender.
  8. You are able to think more and focus better.

Fasting is a constant means of renewing yourself spiritually.

Hungry in the flesh…..Hungry in the Spirit.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.



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  1. I am also an advocate of fasting. I have done several led by the Holy Spirit, including a 40-day juice fast to break ungodly spiritual holds on my family. At that time, I was seeing a regular endocrinologist. She was baffled when my blood pressure lowered from highly dangerous to normal. The proof was in the pudding. She took my blood pressure 3 times because she couldn’t believe it, especially since I was a diabetic. She still had her skepticism and indicated that fasting was dangerous. I let her know that I am a believer and fasting is part of who I was. I then told her we could agree to disagree because fasting was around long before she became a doctor. The point is that when you are spiritually focused and grounded in your fast, God does give you wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kingsoracle says:

      That is absolute true,dear sis,It is amazing how God takes care of our warfare and welfare through this fasting exercise. I fond out that medical science is attesting to the fact that fasting does reduce the risk of all the major ailments Cancer and the rest of them. The point as you rightly said, is been grounded and spiritually focused,. When there is a spiritual detox, what will follow is cleansing and total wholeness in other area of our lives.

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  2. This is interesting to consider. I’m not good at fasting although I have fasted in the past. I read of an old preacher that said the way he fasted was just to not eat all he wanted. I have done that and surrendered half my food, but now this has become so routine I don’t think about it anymore.
    Therefore, I don’t think it is now considered fasting. Now it is just routine. So…. I must reconsider, seek God’s advice, and chew on this for awhile.
    I did keep this post on my computer under favorites so I could go back and re read to re-consider. Thank you for sharing this with us.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thank you for taking time to visit and and read through, I really do appreciate the gesture. It is important to consider and seek God’s direction ,and ….think ye on these things. May the Lord give guidance and light to your path .

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  3. encounters says:

    Like you in my home country most churches have encoureged, members to begin witha 10 day from the first day of each new year. I gree totally that it must not be just a ritual but one wayof seeking God’s face.Thank you for taking time to writing more about what fasting is about. In the years I have started each new year with a fast it has been a personal renewal and it set the kind of year I will have.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks for taking time to read through. In these times of so much encumbering us, we need constant and personal renewal from time to time.


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