Three Day Quote Challenge. Day 2

DAY 2african proverbs

The Rose is a beautiful flower,but with its beauty comes the “Thorns”. 

The Rose isn’t rosy without the impact of the Thorns-In simple terms, Humanity, Life,Experience is a combination of sweetness and bitterness. Positive and negative.You can’t take one and leave the other.

Both sides makes life worth living.

Without a mess,there won’t be a message

Without trials ,there is no triumphs

From victim to victor.

Thanks Once again,Giggles and Tales for nominating me. I will like to nominate the following awesome bloggers as well.

Please note, that you are not under any obligation to accept this challenge. It will be nice though :D, If you participate.




The rules are simple and straight forward. *Post for three consecutive days *write a quote or more per day for 3 consecutive days. *Challenge 3 bloggers per day.

Thank you


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  1. Mary Job says:

    Yes the Yoruba Adage goes.. “To bi ti re ni a da ile aye”.. It’s my favorite. Simply meaning with good and evil was the world created.


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