Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday.


The business of Womanhood is a heavy burden.-Tsitsi Dangarembga

A heavy Burden made light through her gracefulness.

A heavy burden made made light through her tenderness.

A heavy burden made light through her Smiles.

A heavy burden made light by thinking of others before she thinks of herself.

A heavy burden made light as she unlocks her love and tenderness towards everything she holds dear.

A heavy burden made light as it gives her infinite patience  and infinite perseverance.

This is for all the beautiful epitome of eternal excellence gracefully adorned with everything to make heads AAturn,to nurture to life, to build, to encourage to be everything and all things at the same time.

The mother of Nations, The queen of her home, the one waiting to be swept her feet.

God’s supreme creation, Daughters of God.


Beautifully bold


Delectable, delightful

Epitome of Eternal Excellence

Fascinating,Fabulous fashionista


Harmoniously humble


Jack of all trades

Kinky  with her hair


Mummy manager,miss,mrs,ms


Observer extra ordinaire

Patient,Persistence Powerful,Phenomenal

Queen,Quintessential, Quiet


Stunning,shining star




Xtra special!




I celebrate the woman in me, and I celebrate all of you women who rock this beautiful world.

OBA 2016@Thekingsoracle.

I will be writing a weekly post on the woman captioned Celebrating Womanhood Wednesday.

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  1. A Lovely post to celebrate womenhood. 🙂


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