Excuse me Lord, You have to wait! Part 1.

This is the part 1 of the series,my attempt at writing fiction stories…seriously!

It’s Saturday morning, the  weather is fresh and cool. Susan is wild awake as usual it has become a daily ritual,to wake up at this time of the morning to kiss the day.

This morning is quite different as she was jolted out her sleep by a funny dream she made her way quickly to the bathroom,as she felt the urge to empty her bowels,maybe that was what woke her from that funny dream.

Coming out of the bathroom, to climb back to bed, she heard movement coming from the next room, “at this time of the morning”, she exclaimed ! she knew that her children were already awake too.

‘You children are awake, what are you doing up at this time of the day?

C’mon go back to bed!  she shouted at them as she opened the door from her room.

Mummy, there is no school today,” Tade replied

‘We would clean the house and do our chores ,mummy please go back to bed.

I should go back to bed so that you  can stay glued to the TV all morning right?

Get back into your room right now! that is an instruction, not a suggestion, Immediately the boys ran back to their room.

Susan was now back in her room, evidently she could no longer sleep, so she picked up the brown leather book by her bedside, It was her bible,it’s been a while she had spent the time to study, and now was a perfect time to get into communion and meditation.

She had not gone too far in her study when she had the  sound of the door opening.

‘These children again”, she said to herself.

‘when will they ever listen to instruction?

If I should come out and meet you  there, Tade! she shouted on the older child. Is that what you are supposed to be doing?

Right away!! go and do the dishes and clean up the kitchen right away. and you! beckoning on Sola ,the youngest one, ‘tidy up the living room before you settle down to watch TV’.

Ok Mum’, the children echoed a simultaneously.

Don’t say Ok mum’, do as I’ve told you, don’t make me come out to see that you’ve not done anything!

Yes, mum,they responded.

There seems to be a little quietness, as they all went about their chores , Susan deep herself into her study and meditations again, hoping at the back of her mind, that there won’t be any interruption.

Not long after that, she was hearing the bickering of the children, it was obvious they were back in the living room to continue their TV routine. She could either ignore them and try to focus on her reading or go and scream at them ..again.

Well, she chose to do, the latter. She barged into the living room furiously ,shouting at the top of her  lungs

Why is it so difficult for you children to follow instructions?’

‘What is wrong with you’.?  At this point, she was already raising her hands toward Tade,who had the remote in his hands. He tried to bend backwards as he thought that Mummy’s hand could land on his face.

Give me the remote you this blessed Child’,  trying to control her outburst.She brought down her raised hands to grab the gadget from Tade’s hands.

Now get back to your chores and make sure you finish everything, otherwise, you will be grounded ‘

No mummy , don’t ground us, Sola cried out, I am done with my chores, with a slight grin on his face. I did everything you asked me to do mummy.  Trying to save his face ,how typical of the lad who always try to find an escape route when things go out of hand with Mummy.


Susan took the remote,change the channel to her favourite, sat down on the couch and began to watch her favourite soap -opera. she had completely forgotten that she was in the middle of her early morning routine.

Well, she missed that episode last night, this might be a good time to do some catch ups. At this point, the children started grumbling, mumbling under their breath,as they dragged themselves out of her site.

Now you are watching Mummy ,and you won’t let us watch. 

Susan pretended she didn’t hear them, her attention was now on the Soap-Opera….. To be continued.

P:S, This is my first attempt( or not) at writing a fiction story. Phew! This has taken weeks of writing and saving to draft. Wasn’t sure if it will make sense. On a second thought,How will I know if I don’t send it out 😀


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  1. simpledimple says:

    Wow! What a good start! This was a nice story. It’s a beautiful piece and you did it well. The first step is always the hardest. Keep going! We get better with more practice. 🙂


  2. Totally agree with Stella (simpledimple). The first step is always the hardest. You did a great job! Looking forward to more! 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks dear, I needed to hear that. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, my friend 🙂


  3. How often do the distractions cause us to say this to the Lord. “Excuse me, Lord, You have to wait.” Love the way the story beautifully fulfills the title. Distractions are like ants at a picnic. One doesn’t seem like a big deal but when they multiply, because they will, the whole picnic environment changes. Love the story.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Sis, Watch this space for the next series.


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