My big fat 600 lbs.. Facing your fears.

It’s Thursday evening night I am up late, waiting for my significant other to come home from his usual Thursday routine. The boys are already in bed, and right about now I’m about to have me some ‘OMG ‘I sat down to watch some TLC Channel. I usually don’t watch this  particular channel all the time,tonight I’m indulging me!

As I sat to watch a new episode of “My Big fat 600 lbs”, where are they Now? This particular episode showcased two obese women struggling with their weight and their journey to regain their lives back.

I saw how these two women faced with same life threatening obesity, responded to the situations  culminating in their individual end -results.

The two of them went through the rigors and pains of surgery,this documentary was actually to show what became of them one year after the surgical operation.

After watching It got me thinking about my own ‘Big Fat 600 lbs’ which may not necessarily be about physical fatness,but something else, some habits or lifestyle that I may be struggling with.

We are the sum total of the decisions we make per time at every given stage in our lives.

Penny and Tara,are both women in their late thirties-early forties, they both opted for surgery after they got tired of the confinement their obesity had brought them. But it was only Tara, who determined and decided that she was going to have her life back no matter what. She decided that she would pay the price just to be able to she her Children go to School and come back,ad she’s there ready to welcome them at the door. For One year after the surgery,she struggled with Hope and it paid off in the end.


Penny on the other hand, was always giving excuses, after her surgery she was not ready to change her eating habit,which made her to leave the hospital before her discharge date, she went back home, and remained bedridden, without really trying to make significant change and progress that her family wanted for her.

I learnt a few lessons from the documentary:

  1. When you want something so bad, you are willing to go the extra mile to get it. The question is how bad do you want what you want. For Tara, 11 years of her life,was stuck on the bed, because of her eating habit,and she had become a ‘burden’ to her Mother and her children.  But she came to a point of ‘no-return’ when she realize that slowly her life was slipping away right before her eyes.

2. When determination is your springboard for action, you will pay the price necessary for that Change that you need: Tara’s eating habit changed gradually and she began to exercise more,though it was painful but it was what she needed to better her living condition,and to be more involved with her children.

3. When Change begins, Opportunities begin to surface: Tara is gradually getting better, she’s loving herself through this lifetime change,as a single mother of teenage daughter and a boy- Love is in the Horizon for her. Life is giving her another chance at love again, and there is hope for settling down.

I watched with tears in my eyes as the two great women  designed the kind of life they wanted by the decisions they made,and I asked myself,’OBA, in what area of your life are you struggling with big fat 600 lbs?

Tara’s stories motivated me, not only did she take hold of her life, but she was able to recognize the same trend in her 15 year old daughter,and quickly sprung to action because she realized that was how her  big fat struggles started.

Many of us are struggling with habits today that stemmed up from different roots:Rejection,loss of a loved one, disappointment,abuse,low self esteem and many more. we have given excuses over and over again;

It’s the way I was born’

‘It runs in our family, there is nothing I can do about it’

It’s the fault of this one, that one .

‘Momma never loved, or Daddy was never around, and on and on and on.

It’s time to let go of all the excuses .It’s time to face our fears and take back the joy and happiness we once enjoyed. For a long time I blamed my Mum for rejecting me as a the first child, It seem to me that she preferred my siblings to me, I carried that hurt for years, I didn’t know the hurt was hindering all this while.

Until the day came when I had to confront the  Rejection, my healing journey started from then on,and I finally realize that Momma never stopped loving me. I have Children of my own now,  and when the eldest start saying stuffs like,’Mom,you love that one more than you love me’. I am quick to let him know that they are loved equally, though I expect him to take responsibility as the older one in some cases.

There are stuffs  I am dealing with, just like you.but I have made up my mind to face my fears,and deal with anything that might want to stand in my way of Enjoying everyday life.

The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life to the full. John 10:10

God’s plan for you and I is life in abundance, so whatever is making you experience less than God’s plan is a ‘thief’. It’s time to confront the thief and declare ;

Enough is enough! I want my life back.

Whatever your big fat 600 lbs is, face it and get your life back.

Setbacks are set ups for stepping stone to giant strides.-OBA


OBA 2016@The kingsoracle.

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  1. Princessjm says:

    This is a great read. I too have my own “Big fat 600 lbs”, and it took me awhile to realize that I aint going anywhere unless I put one foot in front of the other. I would like to share this in my facebook page if that’s cool with you 🙂 This will definitely help a lot of people who goes through the same thing ❤


    1. kingsoracle says:

      It’s cool girlfriend go ahead and share. :D. That’s the essence of writing that someone out there can be encouraged. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for sharing. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. oneta hayes says:

    Very good exhortation. Who am I to judge another when I have my own issues to take care of? Good blog.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks for stopping by. We are not meant to judge others, but to always examine ourselves,before we are quick to point fingers.


  3. jessamayann says:

    Oba! This is excellent! Great and convicting writing that I needed tonight!


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks be to God.


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