Losing my voice, My wake Up call.

I lost my voice over the weekend,and up until writing this post, I still can’t speak out audibly as I should. Now that’s scary, because its been a while that i have been in this state. It got me  doing some thinking in the past twenty four hours or thereabout.

We all as creators of any kind must find our voice.

Early this morning in the place of personal devotion I was reading the book of John. From 19-28 was centered on John the baptist’s testimony as he began his assignment a lot of people were wondering whether or not he was the messiah. His response to all the people’s agitation was John 1:23;

I am the Voice of one calling in the wilderness,”make straight the way for the Lord.”

We as musicians, writers,designers,parents,teachers, builders of anything,cannot fully and truly express ourselves and speak the truth until we have found our voice.

Our voice is our essence! You can imagine how difficult it’s been for me since Sunday afternoon, because I still taught in the Sunday School in the morning, I didn’t realize the effect of the Saturday evening 3-hour non-stop singing plus Sunday morning teaching until I got home to rest only to wake up in the evening and alas my voice was gone.


One question I kept asking myself,as a musician was “what will happen to me if for any reason I can no longer use my voice? If I am unable to communicate with my family?  God forbid!  But you see sometimes in life, we just have to be prepared for the worse case scenario.

As I pondered on that thought, my mind went to a scene from S.W.V Re-united(A reality show on TV,about an all ladies group of the 90’s making their comeback after 20 years of missing in action.) On this particular episode Tamara ‘Taj’ George couldn’t perform with the other ladies because she lost her voice- she was told that she would not be singing for another 3 to four months if her voice must recuperate properly, She was devastated, but of course if she must continue to function with the rest of the crew. She had to take a break.

Like I said earlier, that every one of us has been given a voice no matter what we do,or the level of attainment we have already and that voice has been give for one reason to be a channel of blessing . As a christian Creative artist, just like John the baptist said,’I am the the voice of one calling in the wilderness,make straight the way of the Lord. 

Who ever you are,your voice has been given to impart others to the glory of God. What happens when you find your self in a ‘temporal’ state of losing your voice.

 If I have to stop using my voice for communication the way I am using it now what else will I do. I had to start thinking of alternatives.

I lost my voice as a result of a small inflammation of the vocal cords a mechanical strain because of constant usage- Anything you find yourself using to achieve a purpose that you continually use without giving room for breaks will soon breakdown! Musicians tend to be guilty of this most of the time- I speak/write as one.

There are gigs and performance here and there, you are moving from one end to another, without paying proper attention and care for that instrument-Your voice.

Rest is important, take a break.  Shut down for a while!

We can apply this case to every other aspect of life. I began to think about others things I could do if I could no longer use my singing voice,and the first question was:

What have you mastered? Are there tasks,skills or other opportunities that you have simply mastered and can do without thinking. One of the skills that came to mind was my writing.

What platform do you own? what other platform do I have for self expression. If I have to stop temporarily, it also means I may not be able to do public speaking as I should. Then I remembered my days of paintings and collections of artwork. Now may be a good time to revisit such.

The good news is I am concluding this write up this morning, my voice is gradually bouncing back, with more rest and less screaming I will fully recover from it.

I am now more conscious of the value of my voice as a #singerminister. Imagine a singer without a singing voice. Now try to imagine yourself in your capacity as whoever you are.

What will you do to regain your voice?






5 Comments Add yours

  1. Atomic Words says:

    Aww thank you so much for sharing love. God bless you. And pray you feel better.


  2. simpledimple says:

    I pray God to restore your voice perfectly. You need it to continue doing the work HE has called you to do in HIS Vineyard. It is a humbling experience for me whenever a part of me doesn’t function normally. Like now that I have cold – been sneezing my life out… and have to stay away from work!

    It might be a temporary setback but a good time to reflect on life. What are we without God? There are situations beyond our control that makes me ponder. Let that voice speak up NOW! You are healed. 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Amen, Thanks my dear Sis, like you said it is a moment of reflections when we have temporal set backs. I pray for you as well my dear,that you get over the cold,and get back to work! Loving thoughts always 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simpledimple says:

        Thank you. Amen and Amen. 🙂


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