Pay it Forward.

The other day, I went out very early in the morning,to get round my routine for the day, I went with the public transport (Danfo), Usually at that time of the morning you see different people on their way to work for their daily bread. It was around 5:30 Am.

The bus conductor, or let me say coordinator( the guy who collects a certain amount of money from passenger,in exchange for the ride to their various exit point),to plead to all in the bus.

Abeg enter with your change,I no get change for hand o, I just dey start work o.( Meaning-Please come in with our appropriate fare,I have just started work,I don’t have lower naira denominations to give).

‘Madam, are you giving him #200naira, I asked the woman sitting besides me. she said no, but that she was paying for herself ,and another lady. I collected the money fron her, and gave her One hundred naira.

As the bus conductor reached out his hand to me, I gave him the One thousand naira note in my hand.

Typical Lagos Yellow Bus with the Conductor hanging by the side calling out to passers -by to join the ride with the correct fare.

Madam I  don shout say, I no get change,which kain thing be this ,all of una just dey bring all dis money now (Madam,I said I don’t have change,everyone is giving me higher notes,where do you expect me to find change). Grimaced as he collect the money from me, I told him I was paying for 3 people and it shouldn’t be a problem getting my correct refund.

At every bus stop, The driver will slow down to pick interested passenger going en route,an old man came in at one point during the stop -over. He would be stopping somewhere before I get down. he handed a #500 note to the conductor. Again another round of yelling

‘Baba, I no get change,abi you no dey hear word.( Old Man, I don’t have change to give,didn’t you hear me). Sometimes most of this bus conductors and drivers can be very rude in their approach. It always nice to avoid their shenanigans as much as possible.

As we approached the next bus stop where the old man will alight,I asked the conductor to return the Baba’s money and deduct it from my balance that he was yet to pay back. He gave me the money and I gave it back to the Old man, he was quite surprised as I told him I had paid for his fare , he shouldn’t bother paying again.

The old man prayed for me, as he was stepping out of the Bus. When he finally got out of the bus , he prayed again. I was delighted and fulfilled as i was given another opportunity to be of help to someone else.

On my way back home, that same morning about 5 hours after the early morning event, I was in another bus, after waiting severally for a cab. I got into the bus and behind me were a group of market women, I could tell by the sacks of veggies and pepper they were carrying, that they were returning from the farm market where they get all their goods in bulk to sell off at their retail market.

They had been talking before I got into the bus,As we journeyed on, their talk became quite interesting to me. They were talking about the power of giving, how it is important to always show kindness at every given opportunity,one of the women shared about how she gave all she had at one time, and got home, knowing there was nothing to eat,but just at the nick of time help came for her.

Another woman,said shared her understanding of bible principles on giving,I listened with so much interest because even though they didn’t all look like learned women, the truth about given they were talking about resonated with me, and maid me remember the earlier incidence with the old man.

The scriptures cannot be broken,as the word of God says,

Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure ,pressed down,and shaken together,and running over,shall men give to your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6 :38

Life is all about sharing and giving, when you give of yourself to others in whatever form, it comes back to you. There is a blessedness and joy that comes with giving- Every time you give your time,money,care,attention,kindness,smile and on and on. It comes back to you,may not be immediately, and may not even be in your lifetime. Your generations coming behind will reap from the seed of kindness and love you sow in your life time.

pay itforward

Give something worthwhile, tangible,and of eternal value today, it will surprise you that you are paying it forward to get back somehow,somewhere in the future. For God so love the world that He gave up His son, and through His son we have everything that pertains to life and Godliness, which in turn we must share and spread to others as we go on in life.

This is also in response to  Jackie’s Thinking Corner.


©OBA2016@The kingsoracle.



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  1. Good measure, pressed down and shaken shall be added unto your bosom 🙂


  2. simpledimple says:

    Tell it to me! The good ole days in the ever busy city called Lagos. Life in Lagos is fraught with the danger tales of the reckless Danfo drivers and their conductors. Thanks for sharing the story. 🙂


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Yes Sis, Lagos for show with the Danfo drivers and their conductors indeed. Thanks for stopping by, it such a great feeling to know you re on the other side holding on. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simpledimple says:

        Yes dear. That’s the uniqueness of Lagos compared to any other city. I’m trying to keep on with another kind of ‘evil’ here. The conspiracy in this weather is a nightmare. Hope there is progress with your voice.


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