Speak to my Heart.

Last night I got This is your song . I pondered on it for a while till I went to bed. I  had difficulties trying to decide on which song out of the zillion songs I listen to :D.

This morning I continued to ponder on whether to respond to the prompt, I was reminded of this song again….. “Speak to my heart”.  by Donnie McClurkin. 

A few day ago, I was unable to sleep through the night,as much as tried to, I couldn’t because I felt like I was listening to a discuss,in my heart. The feeling was a sweet feeling, a nudging that it was going to be a long night.

After the end of the ‘Love thang’ with the Spirit, It was a moment of writing love notes( I can’t share the notes now, at least not yet 😉 -I went back to bed ,and as I laid myself to bed . I heard “Speak to my heart” look for the song. I will check it out in the morning,I said to myself,but He won’t let me be.  I googled the song which was released in 1996.  It used to be my favorite songs in my college days as a young Christian,I listened to it,it brought back the nostalgia.

This morning,the song came to me again,as soon as I got the boys ready and set for school, It’s been on repeat mode. This is what I have written from a line of the song.

             Speak to my heart ,Holy Spirit

            Give me the words that will be new life,

            Message of love to encourage me,

             To inspire and encourage others

           Words that will lift others from despair.


   Speak to my heart,

  Those sweet melodies 

  The rhythm of life

The rhythm of hope,for the hopeless.


Give me words that makes others smile,

because heaven smiles on me.

Speak to my heart,My love, my life

As you speak me,help me to speak write

do right, be right,love right,talk right.


Word on the wings of the morning,

that drives the dark night away.

Give me the words that turns hate to love

Words of peace and not war.


            Speak to my heart,

           Words that changes the world

   Speaking life to lifeless situations

 Watching hope rise in the heart of man.


Speak to my heart,Holy Spirit

Guide me on my way 

Through this eternity present

If I can hear from you 

Then I’ll know what to do.


I know I am not going through life,

On my own, I am never alone.

Talk to me,

Sing over me with your love,

Speak to my heart Lord. 


OBA 2016@The kingsoracle.


This is Your Song. Take a line of a song you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.






6 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Beautifully spoken words.


    1. kingsoracle says:

      Thanks Miriam, I appreciate it a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miriam says:

        My absolute pleasure.


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